Sunday, August 20, 2006

Only one day to go ~ arghh!

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Thank you to all who have left messages ~ you have kept me going! Snow White is now on her way with the children ~ please say a prayer for them. We are almost finished with the kitchen ~ it has been a long road; three steps forward and then one back ~ always another problem to solve! Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband.
The rest of the house is covered in dust and today l will be mostly trying to play catch-up with that ~ running around with the Hoover and duster. lol.
I am so looking forward to giving SW and the kids a hug ; l think l will literally be carrying them to the car. l am packing pillows/blankets ~ after 48hours of travel l cannot see how they will be able to stay awake.
l have not had a chance to check in with you all or even check my emails ~ you can imagine how many there were waiting for me this morning :)
We had no less than three trips across the water to collect the kitchen ~ Sam has come to loathe the B&Q shop.
We decided to reveal the original Victorian shutters ~ another job added and worth it. Last time the shutters had been opened was around 1945 ~ the blackout tape was still on the back! The windowsill had to be ripped out and a new one cut and placed in.
Sam has been a trooper- keeping himself amused.
Some of the photos uploaded are not in order ~ l am sitting here typing for all l am worth ~ not much time left to get finished. We are a bit further ahead than the last photo, floor is down and table and chairs in ~ starting to look great.
Bests to all and keep well.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Just a 'Heads Up'

Just to let you know that l won't be online as much in the next few days- will see how it goes. This kitchen renovation needs our attention and the 'hubby' has taken a few days off so we will be making the most of this time to get a move on. Today we are fixing the radiator in place(gas central heating); having to drain the whole system! The electrics are being hooked up - last night l cut out the final holes for the socket back-boxes - they are all in place now. Yesterday we travelled over on the ferry and drove to Glasgow ~ we brought back a heap load of kitchen supplies, doors, etc. We have now named our old car 'Faith' as she did us proud and even although the suspension creaked a bit, brought us home again safely. Why is it that car names are always female?
Hope you are all keeping well, thank you for the comments ~ l will miss my blogging time with you.
If l get a chance will post photos of how we get on.
Bests to you all and will be back ASAP. :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sisters Sweet & Brothers Grimm

When younger my Sis and l used to call each other Snow White & Rose Red ~ it was also our favourite bedtime read. We enjoyed this story by Brothers Grimm so much that these names have stuck with us to this day. 'SW' and 'RR' for short ~ even when we Text!

My sister was Snow White because she was 'the blond' and l was Rose Red ~ incidentally 'RR' loved the outdoors and the garden :).
Rose Red and Snow White were as different as two sisters could be. Even so, they got along and, together with their mother, made a cosy life in their cottage in the woods.
We were fascinated by the pictures in the book as much as the story itself ~ both imagining such a home and we were able to relate to the strong affection felt between these two sisters.

"The two children were so fond of one another that they always held each other by the hand when they went out together, and when Snow-White said, we will not leave each other, Rose-Red answered, never so long as we live..."

We have not been together for years; 'SW' has lived in Australia now for 8yrs.+ and before that l lived for 10years in America. We spent time together for one day before she left, ironically l had just arrived home ~ very sad. However our bond is still as strong as it was in childhood ~ still checking in with each other every few days and always there when needed.
As l remember we were always a bit mad when together, once l remember standing on our Mother's kitchen table singing into bananas (makeshift microphones)! Far too many other shenanigans to mention and possibly not a good idea to blog.
NB: (New word for Tammy) Shenanigans: Mischief; prankishness.

Below is a countdown of the days now until Snow White and Rose Red are reunited. We both have three wonderful children who will get to spend a whole month together ~ l can't wait!

Sam loves this site below- he can pick a story to listen to. He turns each page with the mouse and enjoys much. Stories by the Brothers Grimm.

Still quite a few posts to go yet...I think?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTammy sent me this today and it made me smile. I have not looked yet at how many posts have been made but l don't think as many as this poor guy sent out. lol Tammy is nearly at 300! wow

Off to bed for me now- l have worked all day without a break and am now on my 'second wind' ~ l need some rest!! :)
Bests to all!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2 ft. Stone Walls & Archaeology Under

Homeowner: A person who is always on his way to a hardware store.
~Herbert V. Prochnow, Jr.

Every room is piled high with boxes and extra furniture- we have narrow strips of space to walk between. :)
The electrics are in place; our friend Ian put all the wires in place last night; much shouting from underneath the floor and passing through of wires. Now we just have to decide the right height and placement of back-boxes, regarding sockets and tiling etc. Tonight 'Hubby' is putting in some extra supporting boards and then will plaster over.
Our radiator (gas central heating) has been repositioned on the other wall. I painted the ceiling and down the walls a bit too- first coat.
Things are a direction. I'm just not sure it's the right one??? lol

Lets hope the next pictures l post will look better. If you think these photos are scary you should try living in it~ dust everywhere! I am away to brush the mess up a bit now- before we make more again tonight. :)
I built my first flat pack yesterday- much easier than first imagined so that's good news.
I am unable to visit in with as many blogs as the moment but will do catch up when l can. Hope you are all doing well.

PS: I went under our home last night with Sam to find treasure; Sam was so excited with the torch. Towards the front of the house you can stand up and walk around but towards the back it slopes and you have less room. This house used to be owned by Sir Harry Lauder; his signature is on the title deeds ~ seemingly he bought this place for his sister. Underneath the house we found hundreds of jars and glass bottles, some are really old and still have the stoppers in them. I also found some old pictures pinned on the beams, old kettles, and parts of a Singer sewing machine, etc. As soon as this kitchen renovation is over l will be spending a week under the house digging-lol- just like Time Team!
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