Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still August - still Summer

Sitting here and looking out of my window towards the hillside l notice how it is starting to take on a richer hue- the trees have started to turn and with todays rain it just feels like Autumn is creeping slowly nearer – how quickly the seasons seem to pass.

We've had a wonderful summertime – camped down in Cornwall and bought a new tent; took our son (Sam) and granddaughter (Ollie) to the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond and spent many many other days down by the beach or at the parks. I took advantage of every good day and still am (taking advantage of these days) - hanging out washings and enjoying just being outside.

This past weekend our little town hosted the annual Highland Gathering where pipe bands and people from all over the world came to participate and enjoy. For me this was the highlight of our 'summertime' but also an event that tends to mark the end of it for us locals. The buzz and lively atmosphere fades as quickly as the visitors leave and the bunting is taken down to be packed away until next time.

On Saturday we had a big family dinner and watched the firework finale down by the waterfront– a balmy evening shared together as we waved at the coach loads of people leaving and watched as the ferries pulled out from the pier.

And on Sunday morning l drove through the town when there was not a soul- a different world – a sleepy world recouping.

I hope you have all had a lovely Summertime so far - that you have had good harvests and good times spent.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I've had no time at all to blog lately or visit - sorry. Our wee granddaughter is staying with us again while her mum is away to summer school for OU - wonderful times but busy.
Sam starts school within the week so might find some time to catch up after that but in the meantime facebook is also a way of staying in touch.
If you would like to join me on facebook please would you send me your link/name to mackenzieinteriors@yahoo.co.uk.
Hope you are all doing well..
bests for the now

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