Wednesday, May 21, 2008

School Trip

I’m just in from dropping wee S at school for his ‘end of the year’ school trip to the Science Centre. It was all he could talk about last night and then again first thing this morning when he got up - thirty minutes too early! I even dreamt about the school trip last night and found myself flying through the sky, panic stricken and desperately trying to deliver a lunch box in time before the ferry left with the bus full of children onboard. Wee S is on that ferry right now as l type this post. In the dream wee S became an amalgamation of all of my children. It was so important that he/they did not feel different of left out. I think as parents we have so many emotions for our kids just under the surface – worries that we are not always aware of.
When S and l arrived at the school the massive bus sat patiently waiting outside the gates – oblivious to the fact that it had just delivered the final adrenalin boost. If these kids had been ‘so so’ about the trip they certainly weren’t once they had seen the coach. As we neared the class S joined in with the rumble of children that could hardly contain themselves. Amidst this uproar, past bouncing heads and jingling pockets the teacher looked frazzled – busy sending one group after the other to the toilets and checking that all had a lunch packed with relevant name tags.
I used to love going on the school trip and have a mix of memories about those days out. I remember singing songs like… ‘Oh you canny shove your granny aff the bus” and ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’. I remember the wee tuck shops at the end where you could buy novelties like bendy pencils, plastic finger monsters or reflective postcards. Once l spent my whole 50p on a plant from my mum- she still remembers. I must have loved plants even then!


I imagine my Granny being shoved off the bus
as streamers flit by the window from three seats forward
Wee Willie’s been taken down the front again
I can see him in the mirror looking green

His knuckles clamping the plastic poke on his lap
As Mrs. D and Mr. G talk above his head
And occasionally with the bus driver
Who looks just as uncomfortable as Willie

Big Tam’s still kicking my seat from behind
So l’m glad when the next song starts up and l make sure
He hears me sing, for the ‘Front’ of the bus!
He thumps my seat even more when it’s his round

Teacher calls lunch break and hands out boxes
I cautiously pry open the lid but enough gas escapes
In that short peek to blow my cover
I don’t even notice Tam thumping my seat

A whiff of pong floats above my head in the sudden silence
Kids start to gag and I don't feel hungry anymore
That is, until someone shouts out that Tam’s mum
Has packed eggy sandwiches too!


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Take care all.

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