Tuesday, May 17, 2011

After the rain

Not much to report this week. The weather has been atrocious so the gardening has come to a bit of a standstill although l did manage to get a few more seed trays done and bought some Lavender and Lobelia 'Queen Victoria' at the weekend.

We've had a few spells of sunshine between the downpours where l managed to get outside and snap some photographs. I love the smell of the damp earth after the rain, the colours in the garden seem so much richer and the droplets of water on the Alchemilla (Lady's Mantle) bead and sparkle like tiny reflecting worlds.

It was Gerald's birthday on Saturday so we took the ferry and headed over to a wee shop in Glasgow called, Glenbrew – a little Aladdin's cave packed full of all types of wine/beer making supplies. Hubby got completely kitted out- buckets, airlocks, Hydrometer, thermometer, syphon tubing, sterilising and neutralizer solutions, bungs and corks! That's all l can remember for the now anyway. At home we've got quite a few demijohns in the shed so it's just a matter of getting them cleaned out and we'll be ready to go. He also got a Blackberry phone so has been as happy as a pig with Truffles!

I am so pleased to hear that Merle from Merle's third try is out of the hospital after a serious blood infection that went from bad to worse but this lovely lady managed to fight the odds and has pulled back through – delighted to see her blogging again!!! Another dear friend, Connie from It's a Doggy Dog World has had knee surgery again and so l am wishing her all the best for a speedy recovery.

I've had a few visits to the Doctor myself this past week and am now waiting on a date to take a trip across the water to the bigger hospital for a biopsy- another story but as you can imagine this has destroyed my blogging muse of late, hence the short break away. I'm not going to worry about anything though until there is something to worry about and l'm hoping there won't be.

So, no loitering about and as it was raining l used the time to work indoors thrashing my way through the built up clutter, clothes and toys outgrown, gadgets unused, etc. I have amassed quite the pile of boxes already in the hall by the front door – now we're just waiting on a good day to join in the car boot sale and get rid of the lot! My daughter also has stuff to sell so we're going to do this sale together. The house is starting to feel a bit haphazard between the boxes by the door, seed trays lining the windowsills, winemaking equipment in the kitchen. Just add shopping to that, laundry or lego and it quickly builds to a chaotic crescendo!

I am so missing all that good weather we had last month.

I'm up late tonight so l'm going to post this quickly and get to bed – will post some photos tomorrow.

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