Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another weekend gone

Good evening all.

Another busy weekend almost done and Monday tomorrow already but - l won't think of all that just now. I'm just glad it's almost time for bed – I'm looking forward to snuggling up under the duvet with a good book. Today has been a monumentally wet and dismal day – the only word that seems to fit is dreich! It's hard to believe the reports of this wonderful 'Indian Summer' that's on its way to us especially after the fickle week of weather we've just had but way-hey if it happens.

Well, as you know from the last post, the bathroom window got put in last week by our friend Robert – l'm still taken aback every time l go in there – it's so wonderful to see so much more light!

Over the weekend hubby cemented around the outside and plastered around the inside frame – he still has the windowsill to do but things are starting to really take shape. Today our plumber
'friend of a friend' came round to size up the bathroom for fitting so now l'm on the hunt for a good bathroom suite at a reasonable cost.

Daniel went back to work on Saturday and is recovering well – it always amazes me how much faster you heal the younger you are. Thank you for all the well wishes.

Sorry to hear that Betty over at Country Charm had a fall – sending healing wishes across to you Mrs!

Our Sam had a fun time yesterday at a birthday party – he got to go to a Laser Tag Arena across the water! He had a great time there with all his friends so certainly has something to write about in his school journal tomorrow. He has also been practising the clarinet and guitar and tonight played and sang a song for us (on his Dad's electric guitar) – we were so impressed!

Incidentally our house name means 'House of song' in Gaelic – chosen by us because of our love for music. Hubby and l both play the guitar but he is the pro.

Okay, tired now – up the wooden hill (stairs) for me.


MissKris said...

I do hear you on being tired! I'm back to my normal routine today, after my three weeks off, but the three weeks were so busy it'll probably seem more restful now that I'm back with the boys and able to stay home! Ah well. Hope you got a good nite's sleep, dear friend. ((((((HUGS))))))

Rob said...

You probably don't want to hear this but here the weather is dry, we've had very little rain since last February. I think your bathroom will be nice with the extra light, it's good that you have friends who can do some of the work needed.

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