Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let there be light!

introductory text...a window to boldly go where no window has gone before...(said in the style of Star Trek)

We've had a busy day here getting a new bathroom window put in. Up until now we've only had a small skylight so this should make a world of difference and after that it's bathroom refurbishment time!! Hopefully that will be done before Christmas - well, that's the plan anyway.

It's my friend's hubby that has been putting in the window for us and he has done a fine job so far. Thank you Robert! Today he knocked through 16inches (depth) of stone walling and set the window into position so tomorrow he has to cut from the inside out and set the windowsill, etc.

My oldest son has been in the wars - he fell down a long flight of stairs at the railway station last week on the way home from work- ouch!! He had to go to the hospital and the x-ray showed three cracked ribs - one side is quite swollen and the other has a rib that moves around under his skin as he breathes - kind of scary looking! He has been prescribed some serious pain killers and is receiving much TLC (Tender Loving Care).

Earlier this evening our youngest also had his first music lesson on the Clarinet so we have enjoyed his first few musical gasps.

Apart from all the above we are doing okay - the garden is starting to feel tired and yawn looking to be put to bed for the winter. I have been crafting away each evening so will post some photos about that soon.

We are planning another trip down to Kernow (Cornwall) in October so l'm counting down the days- the break will do us all good (no pun intended son ;).

Below are some photos of Sam (son) & Ollie (granddaughter) playing with the Hot Wheels car set - these two always give me something to smile about.

♥ Love and blessings to you all for the coming week♥


Betty said...

I am sooo sorry about your son's fall...very painful! I fell two weeks ago at our mountain cabin and my knee continues to hurt.

You will enjoy your window so very much...nothing better than sunlight.


Rob said...

Wow - do they still make Hotwheels. We are in the middle of renovation our house in Derbyshire, I'm sure your bathroom will be nice when you get it finished, it's quite scary while they are knocking everything to bits though.

MissKris said...

It's life's simple pleasures which are the best. And I love to see the two wee ones playing so nicely together. Moments like that with Coop and Dylan are pretty rare, haha! But maybe with age will come compatability. Grandma can always hope! :-)

smileymamaT said...

No pun intended! Ha!
Wow, falling down stairs and breaking through walls - like living on a Hollywood movie set. Hope your son recovers quickly.
The bathroom project sounds intruiging... (I can't figure how to spell that properly, but you get the idea) :) --


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