Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh, the wind & the rain

Yesterday we had such a quiet Sunday – no one visiting, no one headed out – the phone silent. The rain poured and the wind blew but inside it just felt so warm and peaceful. I remember lying in the bath watching the rain fall gently on the skylight above, listening to its pit-patter sound. I relaxed by candlelight just enjoying the tranquillity of it all.

Today is quite the reverse – we are experiencing the tail end of hurricane Katia – the winds have been strong and in some places over 75mph. Living on the west coast of Scotland we are used to the remnants of Atlantic storms but this is our first big one of the year so we got busy making preparations early this morning for it - making sure pots and tubs were tucked away in a sheltered spot, bins secure and hanging baskets taken down - the usual stuff.

Today l took our oldest lad along with me in the car to pick up the youngest, Sam. Daniel had to keep a grip on Sam as they ran to the car and at one point his hat flew off down the road – exciting stuff. Anyway, we decided to stop by the waterfront and get out to feel the force of the wind gusts. The boys had a laugh but unfortunately l ended up with horrific earache – both ears!
We've been back in for ages - the boys watched a DVD while l made Carrot & Coriander soup- my own version with a few parsnips and potatoes thrown in for good measure. I think soup is just the perfect supper for a day like this.
Plenty of candles are lit around the house and although the storm rages on outside l feel quite safe and secure so now l'm away to watch this new Pirates of the Caribbean film aptly titled 'On Stranger Tides'.
Stay safe folks.


Rob said...

Its been windy here but nothing like you've had it there and no rain at all. When I watched your video it reminded me of a day I spent walking to the head of Glen Nevis. I spent the night in a bothy with the wind howling and rain still lashing down on the tin roof. It might have lacked the comforts of home but I wouldn't swap that night for anything as it was so comforting to be in there with my candle lit and the fire burning.

HORIZON said...

I can just imagine that Rob :) totally agree. I remember around the age of 12 being away for a week at an outdoor centre. I chose to do the orienteering course and spent some time in a bothy- ahh, memories. I actually don't mind the sound of the wind and rain as long as l'm indoors ;)

MissKris said...

I can't say I miss the endless dreary days in Oregon that usually start around Halloween and rarely end until spring. But one thing I do savor here in Michigan is the sound of the rain when it does fall. It will be sunny and beautiful for days on end...then a thunder storm will sweep thru with torrential rain, amazing lightning, and booming rolls of thunder that echo on forever. I love to throw open the windows and take it ALL in! But I really love how once a storm passes thru, we're back to sunshine and blue skies. It just does something good to my soul. Reading this, dear Horizon, makes me feel as if I'm sitting right there in the candlelight eating soup and feeling snug and cozy, too.

PEA said...

Oh wow, that certainly was a strong wind blowing Sam and Daniel around!! They looked like they were having a fun time, though:-) I couldn't get over how rough the water looked, quite scary.

We'd been having above normal temperatures until today when it turned quite cold. We were also supposed to get a thunderstorm today but it went right around us. We haven't had much rain all summer at all so are in desperate need of it. It's supposed to warm up again by the weekend:-)

I do hope your weather is calmer today and that your headache left you!! Hugs xoxo

Merle said...

Dear Sarah ~~ What a cold and very windy day - a real storm and I guess there will more as Winter nears.
I feel so fortunate to be heading to warmer weather, and guess it won't be long until I am complaining about the heat. I am in the middle of a lovely week with my grand-daughter from Brisbane and she will be here
until Sunday. My son John took a couple of days off his annual leave
to spend more time with her. So we
are all having a great time.
Take care dear friend, Love, Merle.

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