Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2 ft. Stone Walls & Archaeology Under

Homeowner: A person who is always on his way to a hardware store.
~Herbert V. Prochnow, Jr.

Every room is piled high with boxes and extra furniture- we have narrow strips of space to walk between. :)
The electrics are in place; our friend Ian put all the wires in place last night; much shouting from underneath the floor and passing through of wires. Now we just have to decide the right height and placement of back-boxes, regarding sockets and tiling etc. Tonight 'Hubby' is putting in some extra supporting boards and then will plaster over.
Our radiator (gas central heating) has been repositioned on the other wall. I painted the ceiling and down the walls a bit too- first coat.
Things are moving...in a direction. I'm just not sure it's the right one??? lol

Lets hope the next pictures l post will look better. If you think these photos are scary you should try living in it~ dust everywhere! I am away to brush the mess up a bit now- before we make more again tonight. :)
I built my first flat pack yesterday- much easier than first imagined so that's good news.
I am unable to visit in with as many blogs as the moment but will do catch up when l can. Hope you are all doing well.

PS: I went under our home last night with Sam to find treasure; Sam was so excited with the torch. Towards the front of the house you can stand up and walk around but towards the back it slopes and you have less room. This house used to be owned by Sir Harry Lauder; his signature is on the title deeds ~ seemingly he bought this place for his sister. Underneath the house we found hundreds of jars and glass bottles, some are really old and still have the stoppers in them. I also found some old pictures pinned on the beams, old kettles, and parts of a Singer sewing machine, etc. As soon as this kitchen renovation is over l will be spending a week under the house digging-lol- just like Time Team!


Tammy said...

Wow...on looking at your house during the tour...I wondered about it...the antique like construction...wondered if it might be haunted by any chance...lol...what can I say I wonder a lot!!
How neat for it to have such history...and the bottles and such wonder how they got there and why?? Have a great time finding out!
Loved your quote and know for a fact it is too true...our house in Ky required a weekly visit...you take care and be careful!

slap me happy said...

keep the bottle till I come sis, love things like that. The more dust the better i say lol,looking good huh lol

Alice said...

I can hear the strains of "Just A Wee Deoch-an-Doris" wafting over the oceans now.

I hope all your renos turn out exactly as you hope they will. Try not to consume too much dust and falling plaster with your meals, won't you?

Sigrun said...

Horizon, I feel with you! It looks bad in the moment, but next week it will look much better! Drink an Whisky and an French red whine each evening - and the sun is shining!


Sue said...

Oh yes! I can certainly relate to boxes
everywhere, dust, plaster and trips to the hardware store. It's really much more fun when it's done, trust me!!!!
(can't wait to see pictures)
BTW, what is a "flat pack"?

Connie and Rob said...

It seems like when you own a home you finish one project only to start another...Fun!

Oh my can't wait to find out what else you find under the house.lol


Lorraine said...

How well I remember the rooms stacked with everything and the everything covered with dust! It is excited though, when it's not aggravating.

Sounds like quite the treasure trove under your house. I'm jealous of that bit.

PEA said...

Hmmmm didn't know you had the Demolition Derby at your house, Horizon??? hehe Oh gosh, I remember well when we redid out whole kitchen...exactly what you're going through right now!! Just remember, it will all be worth it in the end...whenever the end is! lol How exciting to find old bottle, pictures, ect under your house...I love treasure hunting and it sounds like you found some good ones!! You must tell us more about them! I'll now go read the link you put about Sir Harry Lauder. Take care my friend! Hugs xoxox

weirdbunny said...

How exciting to find all that stuff! Oh you've put me on your list - Thanks!!

Susan said...

That kitchen looks really familiar, ours looked like that two weeks before we moved in!
And I'm sure we had the same lino tiles.
Hope it goes smoothly for you.

Grish said...

Oh wow, That looks interesting. Lots of work coming your way...

Kerri said...

Oh such industry going on at your house! No wonder you need a break. I've just spent a pleasant half hour or so catching up with your posts. I enjoy everything you write! Your personality is such fun :) And I love the way you care so much for all your friends. Enya's song is beautiful. Thank you! I listened to the rain again last night (very loud thunder clap at 3:00AM!). It was a heavy downpour. Beautiful weather today for the 3rd day in a row. Yippee...perfect for gardening!

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