Sunday, August 20, 2006

Only one day to go ~ arghh!

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Thank you to all who have left messages ~ you have kept me going! Snow White is now on her way with the children ~ please say a prayer for them. We are almost finished with the kitchen ~ it has been a long road; three steps forward and then one back ~ always another problem to solve! Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband.
The rest of the house is covered in dust and today l will be mostly trying to play catch-up with that ~ running around with the Hoover and duster. lol.
I am so looking forward to giving SW and the kids a hug ; l think l will literally be carrying them to the car. l am packing pillows/blankets ~ after 48hours of travel l cannot see how they will be able to stay awake.
l have not had a chance to check in with you all or even check my emails ~ you can imagine how many there were waiting for me this morning :)
We had no less than three trips across the water to collect the kitchen ~ Sam has come to loathe the B&Q shop.
We decided to reveal the original Victorian shutters ~ another job added and worth it. Last time the shutters had been opened was around 1945 ~ the blackout tape was still on the back! The windowsill had to be ripped out and a new one cut and placed in.
Sam has been a trooper- keeping himself amused.
Some of the photos uploaded are not in order ~ l am sitting here typing for all l am worth ~ not much time left to get finished. We are a bit further ahead than the last photo, floor is down and table and chairs in ~ starting to look great.
Bests to all and keep well.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Loved your slide show and WOW!!! what a mess and what an improvement. You guys have really been busy...You took on a very big job and by what I saw of the almost finished kitchen it really looked GREAT. I can imagine the dust everywhere...that's what happends when you remodel...the cleanup almost takes as long as the remodeling. *s*

Sue said...

Loved your slide show! Isn't it great when the end is in sight? Your new kitchen is looking wonderful :-)
We've missed you!!
Have a wonderful visit with your sister, and take some time to relax..

Tammy said...

You've been missed dear Sarah!!
I know how excited you are for Shona and family to arrive!!
Prayers are being said and I've added them in to my permenate prayer list outside of the blog!
for some reason Rock You is not working at this time...but I will pop back by tomorrow and try to view your pics.

Tammy said... I went on over to Rock You and viewed your slide show...what a lot of work you've done...and wee Sam turned into a skeleton from!!!

Kerri said...

Oh my goodness, you've done so much work! It's all looking wonderful and will be worth it in the end, I know. You've all done such a great job.
Hope you have a fantastic time with your sister and kids. Slow down, catch your breath and enjoy their visit. I'll say a prayer for a safe trip! Hope you have some perfect weather. Our past week has been glorious, with some rain for the gardens yesterday.

Grish said...

That looked like alot of work. Loved the pictures...

Merle said...

Hi Horizon ~~ Great to see you back and
see all the work you and your wonderful
husband have done. The photos show just how much work it has been, but when finished it will be terrific. I hope your sister and family arrive safely.
Have a wonderful time together.
Take care, Merle.

Lorraine said...

Good on you! It looks like it is going to be abfab when you're done. Almost there!

(Is that a little wine rack next to the dishwasher?)

Sling said...

Nice Job!

Alice said...

Like a butterfly from the cocoon, your kitchen has emerged. You must have wondered if you would ever find it again. Great work ALL of you, including Sam.

Have a wonderful time with SW and the children. Ten years is a long time to catch up on. Remember to stop and draw breath, won't you?

PEA said...

Big Hugssssssssss to welcome you back!!! You've been missed! Wow, I can't believe the change in your kitchen...the first pictures even deperessed me seeing all the work that had to be done! lol It looks wonderful and I know it's been tons of work but so worth it in the end!! Enjoy your visit with your sister and we look forward to hearing all about that too!! xoxo

Susan said...

Well done, it looks great.

Connie and Rob said...

Oh my you have been so very busy. That looks like a lot of hard work. When that job is done you will certainly have something to be proud of for sure!!!

Missed you. Welcome back.
Take care,

Sigrun said...

You have done a lot of work, Horizon. I have missed you and looked each second day at your blog.


Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Loved your pictures. Loads of work! Sending a prayer.....


Sharon K said...

Miss you but by the looks of your kitchen pictures I know all the hard work will be worth it......what a lovely kitchen you will have in one more day.........

Hliza said...

Hi Horizon, I'm new here and came through Connie's. I love your blog and your beautiful house (before the rennovation I think). Your house is every bit my dream house. Makes me feel sad that I haven't had my own house which I can freely decorate!

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