Friday, June 22, 2007

Rewinding the week

Today is our wedding Anniversary and l am just spending the day pottering around the house- catching up with washings and a bit of tidying. The family are all out working, the sun is shining and l have a chance to breathe after a very busy week past. Around about an hour ago a lovely bouquet of flowers was delivered to the house; it was from my husband, G. It’s a beautiful arrangement of flower and colour and sits with pride of place at the front window. Thank you my Love! This weekend we are planning to enjoy a quiet meal together and go for a drive – lets just hope the weather holds out.
Yesterday hubby and l went to have our first parents visit at S's primary school ~ had the talk and tour. The staff were all very friendly and the school has a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. We highlighted the features we were looking for when we visited schools earlier in the year – things like:
The learning ethos – creativity, progression and challenge.
The behaviour ethos – how children are taught to relate and respect each other and their surroundings
The development of responsibility – developing the ability to decide, evaluate, and tackle problems with confidence and assuredness.
But above all - will it be fun, exciting, interesting and make memories to cherish.
We are sure that S will do well there come August. Photo to the side is of 'S' this past month at nursery.

On Wednesday l took a close family member across the water and up to the airport. On the way back home l stopped off to buy S's school uniform and some messages (food) from the larger superstore. The prices are so much cheaper across the water and it makes sense to buy supplies whenever we ferry over. I should add that l am already missing this family member very much!!

Tuesday brought the best news of all- my sister in Australia had her wee baby- his name is Noah and you can read more about it HERE. Big congratulations to Sis, Jo and family!

On Monday S had a visit to his new primary school. He got a chance to meet the teacher and new classmates. He got to sit at the desk and do some work, he listened to stories and got to play outside; all in all the day was a real success for him and l just know that he is ready and hungry enough to lap up this new year of learning.

Everyone has been so kind with the comments lately and l plan to get around to visit will you all over the weekend.
I am also going to start putting pictures up on my other blog to share with family abroad.
Picture below is of the view out the window where my computer sits now. I love working away up here.
Bests to all.


Susie said...

Happy Anniversary! Your flowers are just gorgeous..
I would be spending all my time soaking up that view while blogging.
So serene...
Little Sam is so adorable in the photo. He's going to love school!!

Sorlil said...

happy anniversary, the flowers are lovely, how sweet. hope you both have a lovely week-end!

PEA said...

Happy Anniversary dear Horizon:-) Such a beautiful bouquet you received from your hubby!! S is growing up so fast, hard to believe he's in primary school already...he certainly does look dapper in his school photo:-) Congratulations to your sister on the birth of her gorgeous baby the name Noah! It's no wonder you looking out your computer room window...the scenery is breathtaking!! Have a wonderful weekend my friend:-) xox

Kerri said...

A very happy anniversary to you! The bouquet is gorgeous, with some very unusual flowers. What a sweet hubby you have.
Sam will love school, I'm sure :)
Congratulations to your sister! What a bonnie wee babe! :) The picture is precious.
How lovely to have a view of the ocean out your window as you work at your computer!
I hope you have a wonderful meal and drive and just enjoy each other's company this weekend. xoxo

Granny said...

Happy Anniversary!! Of course by now it's over where you are.

Sling said...

Happy Anniversary horizon!
Have a lovely weekend. :)

Jeanette said...

Happy Anniversary Horizon, Your flowers are just Gorgeous, Ive been over to see the new wee one Noah is adorable.

Betty said...

Horizon, I'm so happy you are back to blogging.....I really missed checking in with you.....

Happy Anniversary (belated) to you and your husband as well....the flowers are gorgeous...I received flowers, too.

S looks so growny in his quickly they grow up....Noah is a fine looking baby....

Thank you for the visit and sweet compliments....enjoy your weekend...Betty

MissKris said...

You and I share the same anniversary! Dear Hubby and I just celebrated 33 years together. Here's to many more for us and for you and your man! Sam sure looks like the fine young man in his uniform...what a big step in life coming up for him! And your photos of your writing view...sigh!!! I'd never get any writing done if I had that to gaze out at, haha! Happy belated day to you, Sarah! We ended up going out for dinner on Wednesday because I ended up not having my grandson that was lovely! ((((((HUG)))))

Val said...

A quiet day for me too, just pottering around the garden and doing the washing. Not often I get the house to myself these days. No anniversary though! Congratulations! Love the view out of your window - a nice way to show the panorama.

Coming up your way in July - I'll wave as the West Highland Line to Oban gets its closest to you!!

slap me happy said...

hey sis, sam is just too cute in that photo, so grown up where did spidy go aweee. The flower, hmmm very green eyed here lol. What a lovely soft touch from G give his a big hug from me for making you feel so great. Loved that you were so excited you called you deserve to feel like that every day sis.
Give our love to al the kids and take time to give yourself a hug from me too. Will go look at my willow now wish you were here for a cuppa

Merle said...

Hi Sarah ~~ A belated Happy Anniversary to you and G. I hope you had a great time and enjoyed the celebration. So happy to hear of Shona's new son. Take care, I'll be back again soon. Love, Merle.

Carmen said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!

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