Sunday, June 24, 2007

Billy, candles and Chianti

What to do and where to go? Each year we try to make our anniversary a bit special and something just for us. Some years we have gone out, booted and suited to some place full of people and chatter. Not this year. This year we decided to go to the best restaurant we know. Our own place. OK maybe it isn’t Cordon Bleu but the real fun is in the doing and sharing together.
So there we were – candle-lit dining room with open kitchen accompaniment. I do like to see my food being prepared and cooked!

Envisage - gleaming array of steel knives, implements and gadgets to make husband chef feel suitably mechanical. Pans a-gogo, herbs lined up in waiting and olive oil in attendance.
We are having Angus steak – Scotland’s finest in a whisky sauce. Amidst clattering, rattling, chopping and the odd savoury curse there is steam and sizzling. Angus steak is the finest in this part of the world – Welsh lamb and Scottish Angus beef beats all comers.

Table set for two with large candles and a posy of flowers from the garden and cooling is some good ‘ruby rich Chianti from the sun kissed slopes of Tuscany’ it says on the bottle. G.will tell you that it is no use buying cheap Chianti because when it is good it is very very good wine and when it isn’t – cook with it but don’t try and drink it.

More frantic clattering with added steam followed by anguished discovery!
G. has forgotten to buy a slightly important ingredient for the whisky sauce – the whisky.
Wife to rescue. Frantic scrabbling in the back of dusty cupboard and an ancient bottle of son’s Jack Daniels Tennesee gets dusted down and begrudgingly employed. ‘Should be Scotch from Islay’ is the dark mutter but it’ll do!

Within seconds there is a triumphant yell as flames leap up high and half a cup of whisky vapour singes the ceiling ( it really did - I saw it!). I don’t know how G. made the whisky sauce but I have to tell you it was the best of the best and if you want the recipe let me know and I will get it off him!
The waiting is over and I am seated, plated and there here we are – Angus steak in whisky sauce, large forest mushrooms and minted baby potatoes. In the background is Billy Holliday jazzing it quietly and the Chianti warbles happily in the glass.
Our own bit of romantic heaven in the best restaurant in town. Billy, candles and Chianti – perfect moment.


Jeanette said...

Hi Horizon, a beautiful way to spend your Anniversary, nothing nicer than a home cooked meal and a good wine. Sounds like we needed you to cook our steak while we were in Glasgow. it was the toughest steak i had ever tryed to eat if you soled your shoes with it, you would never have worn them out.. LOL

HORIZON said...

Just three mins each side and slightly pink throughthe centre- supreme Jen. Bad luck on that boot sole of a steak. yuck!

Gwen said...

Hi Horizon.
Happy Anniversary hope all went well,the dinner sounded great
compliments to the Chef.

Susie said...

What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary! Sounds like a great celebration and fabulous food!

MissKris said...

Perfect! And perfect company too, eh? It is LOVELY to see your comments on my blog again, dear Sarah...I can't tell you how much I've MISSED you!! Dear Hubby and I spent ours quietly, too. I hate the clatter of plates and cutlery, the background music that intrudes, the constant chatter of other diners. Your dinner is one of the finest, spent with only the one you love. (((((HUG)))))

slap me happy said...

your making my mouth water here, still not had my breaky yet must go eat or find some chocolate lol

Betty said...

My, my Horizon, what a way you have with words......the meal sounds like a culinary delight.....

My husband toured the Jack Daniel Distillery in Linchburg, TN while I shopped....then we ate at "Miss Bobo's, Jack Daniel's aunts boarding house glad you are back......Betty

Merle said...

Hi Sarah ~~ Your anniversary dinner sounded delicious. G must be a good cook and I am so glad you had a lovely celebration. I hope the ceiling survived!! Take care my friend, Much love, Merle.

Lorraine said...

Sounds perfect. I can't remember the last time we went out on our always ends up being more enticing to stay home and whip up something special and enjoy it in the comfort of our own home. And somehow, that's more fitting, too...celebrating your marriage in the place where your marriage happens.

I would like that whiskey recipe, though. And the one for the minted baby potatoes, please!

Sharon Kay said...

I am sure that you had a wonderful dinner and a night to remember all the memories of the years past. I am so glad your moment was perfect.

"Early Bird" said...

Happy anniversary to the sweetest couple I know!

Margaret said...

What a truly romantic way to celebrate your anniversary. Thank you for sharing.
Cheers Margaret

Carmen said...

Love Love LOVE Chianti!
Wonderful moments my dear friend! very happy for you!

Sorlil said...

sounds like you had a great time, I don't know about food being the way to a man's heart but it's always worked for me so well done to the chef!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful company, excellent food and Billy Holliday...sounds like a perfect evening.
Happy Anniversary my friend.
All the best!

HLiza said...

Happy Anniversary!

Sling said...

I was gonna ask for the whiskey recipe for lorraine,but she was on it!
That sounds like a marvelous anniversary celebration horizon.Hope you have many,many more.

Anonymous said...

Himself here reporting that - due to a technical difficulty involving the keyboard, an excited laddie and a cup of tea - normal service is suspended until the postie turns up with a replacement keyboard. (no I couldn't fix it - mac keyboards are sealed tight - I tried really I did!). While I'm here you may care to know that I will, cringeworthily and with true Brit. grovelling, be cooking again this weekend. My Doctor tells me this will elevate me to the status of SUPREME MASTER and STUD of CHOICE in eyes of illustrious HERSELF.
Who is that laughing - what?

Bless all for kind comments and know herself is thinking of you all - her dear friends - missing you and looking to be back asap.

Kerri said...

Perfect! Good food, good company, good music and beautiful flowers. And Chianti!
I'm so glad you had a dusty bottle of whiskey in the cupboard :)
It all sounds very romantic...and you wrote about it so beautifully :)
I'm glad you had such a lovely celebration of a wonderful marriage. Happy Day and many many more to you!

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