Saturday, October 27, 2007

Call it a day

Like Jamie and the Magic Torch
Wind licks the chimney slide
Softening whirling sounds in a room gently lit

I hear a wee lad playing in his bath
A big lad playing on his guitar
Rain stroking panes in parallel relief

I think of bulbs needing planted
Dream of cosy sleep on an even keel
Where parents are better
And Halloween past

Thank you for all the lovely wishes for my birthday.


Betty said...


Thank you for the message....I have been so concerned about you....I do hope your Mom and Dad are better...certainly they will be in my prayers.....

Thank you for dropping in and saying hello....God Bless.....Betty

Betty said...

Will remember your father-in-law also....Betty

HLiza said...

Oh Happy Belated Bday then..

PEA said...

Hello dear Sarah:-) I was so thrilled to see your comment on my blog and to get your email...will answer it soon! Been missing you a lot but I know how very busy life can get, especially when you still have a young one at home. Just know that I'm thinking of you!! xoxo

Snow White said...

Hi sis, couldn't get on the pc yesterday as we had storms for most of the evening and night. All good here and glad all settling down at Dunoon too. Mum sounds good again but alot more warey too.

Margaret said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, belated many Happy Returns.Cheers Margaret

Susie said...

Hi Sarah,
I was happy to hear from you! I can tell things have been very hectic. Your family must come first and we all understand.
I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers. Be in touch when you can.

T*mmy said...

Hey...I think I need to plant some bulbs too...thanks for the reminder...

Hope this finds you having a wonderful day!

Lorraine said...

Many happy returns, Horizon. Thanks for the email. And the poem is lovely...very evocative.


CJ said...

Oooh...and I didn't even wish you a happy one. I hope it was wonderful and that they just keep getting better and better and I love the verse - how beautifully put. ((((Hugs))))

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday...You deserve the best!!
Take care,

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