Monday, February 18, 2008

A clear out

The nurse called this morning to say l had a positive result for my strep throat swab- the infection that caused me getting ill in the first place. That’s good to know.
Anyway, I’m starting to feel much better - even did some early spring cleaning yesterday. I de-junked the little mudroom at the back of the house that doubles as laundry room. Why is it that these type of ‘back of the house’ rooms tend to mutate into the ideal dumping ground for things you don’t know where to put at the time- like a giant 3D junk drawer full of old lamp shades, recycled bottles and anything else you want to mention. Reorganising a room like this can be a cheap form of therapy (so l've been told) but you should be careful not to overdo it. If you find yourself uplifting flooring, updating plumbing or moving load bearing walls, you’ve probably gone too far. I have been known in these situations to ‘go too far’ but given that I’m still recuperating from a ghastly bug- l de-junked in moderation.
Yesterday was sunny everywhere else in the UK – sadly not on us. I’m not complaining though because it was dry and Hubby got a load of work done up in the back garden so we were able to take plenty to the dump between us. Later 'G' even lit a bonfire much to wee 'S's' delight.

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MissKris said...

We have in the basement of our old 1912 bungalow what we call the 'dirt room'. Why it's the only section of the basement with a dirt flor while the rest of it is all concrete, I have no idea. There's a window to it, so maybe in the days before fancy furnaces it was where wood or coal was delivered and stored?? Another one of life's little mysteries. But it's our 'cubby hole' for storage and leftover items that have outlived their usefulness. And it's getting to the point of overflow!!! I'm telling myself I'll tackle it in the time I'm off while my d-i-l is on maternity leave...but it remains to be seen, hahaha! The rest of the basement is filling up too, sigh. 99% of it is Dear Hubby's 'stuff' that he collects like most corners collect dust, HA! I do hope you're feeling much better, dear friend...what a nasty bug!!! We've been fighting month-long viruses here, too...everyone but ME!!! I'm hoping it's bypassed me this time around. (((HUGS))) It was SO NICE to find your lovely, long comment recently. I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!!

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