Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coughs & sneezes spread diseases

It's just as well the penicillin has kicked in and l'm feeling much better once again because things have certainly not slowed down this end and it's my turn to play nurse.
• My poor Hubby is barely sitting upright in his chair at work this afternoon, not from drink l might add, but from this chest cold wee S had last week. He has been surviving from one Lemsip to the next- faxing his colleagues rather than passing on germs in person. His voice has dropped a few octaves and he sounds very serious in an attractive Mr. Darcy sort of way. Lots of TLC for him when he gets home.
• Wee S was at the dentist (emergency visit) yesterday and had three of his milk teeth pulled- poor wean. Three abscesses above each tooth caused from trauma from his very worn down milk teeth- not from cavities. Two of the teeth were quite wobbly and ready to come out anyway and l don't think the dentist was taking chances with the last. S (age 6) was very brave and even sang a little tune as she pulled to the beat. Really.
Both wee S and l have been quite run down lately and our resistance seems lowered to infection. I just hope that this gum infection did not damage any of his permanent teeth.
In the photo above you can still see his swollen lip from the anaesthetic. It is the hardest thing for a mother to watch her child having these injections. Although wee S squeezed my hand tightly l was so proud that he kept such composure for a wee lad. Needless to say the Tooth Fairy visited during the night and left golden coins.

Things can only go up from here!


CJ said...

Poor little chap! And poor Mum and Dad; hope you're all soon on the mend! Antibiotics can really mess up the immune system but probiotic yogurt and extra vit C (lots of extra vit C) can really help to boost overall health after the meds are finished. Of course, there's no tonic like knowing spring will soon be here ;)Get well quickly! (((hugs)))

Kerri said...

I certainly hope they do dear friend (go up, that is). You've all been through the wars lately!
Poor little S! He's such a brave lad, and I'm sure Mum was brave too...yes, it hurts, doesn't it?
I'm sure G will appreciate all that TLC. Hope he feels better soon.
Warm hugs to all 3 of you!

Susie said...

Sending big ((hugs)) to you! Nothing is harder than for a Mom to see her child hurting..
Tell "S" he is one very brave boy!

clairesgarden said...

oohh aahhh...brave boy, his big teeth should pop through no bother. poor you, everybody not well, its partly the weather making everybody feel down.

Margaret said...

You have been having more than your fair share lately. Hope everyone is well again now, poor little S must have been very miserable with the pain he had.
Cheers and Hugs Margaret

Betty said...

I sympathize with you all about this crud mess....I get better and then relapse.....

What a big lad 'S' is....what does he have in mind to buy with all that 'lolly'?.......Betty

Merle said...

Dear Sarah ~~ I hope by now you and your hubby and son are all quite
better. Sorry you have all had such a bad time. Take care, Love, Merle.

Val said...

One of the worst moments of my life was to watch my youngest have some milk teeth taken out (due to overcrowding and in readiness for orthodontic work - braces - later on) They took the wrong teeth out!!!! And the correct two were taken out as the anaesthetic was wearing off.

It didnt matter too much to the ultimate result, and I didnt make an official complaint.

But even the memory tugs at my heartstrings and I feel real physical heartache over it - over twenty years ago!!

I really feel for you. How brave your wee one is!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Haven`t been visiting for awhile and I sure hope everyone is all better now! Sounds like it was a nasty flu!


Anonymous said...

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