Friday, April 25, 2008

Beside the seaside, beside the sea.

When I walked S to school this morning the whole town smelled of ‘beach’- that delightful and distinctive smell of aromatic sea air – for me one of the perks of living by the seaside. I continued walking after the school run, following my nose so to speak and ended up sitting down on the rocks by the pier enjoying the freshness and quiet around me. The ferry was far enough out by then to send endless ripples straight towards shore, so I sat there for a long time watching the bubbles bounce against the rocks below.
I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone, but for me, in moments of life’s changes l try to analyse and define what is, taking reassurance in the constants. So this morning l sat there looking out onto the water, listening to the sound of my thoughts, like an ocean trapped in a seashell.
Some say that we are born at the bottom of the ocean, a foetus swimming towards the surface, perhaps guessing even then at what the future might hold – love, breath? To me this is just a metaphor but a good one, for having always lived by the ocean l recognise just how great a part the sea plays in giving me a sense of place.
And just like when l'm gardening, it gives me a place to think.

thoughts by the sea
by Everett A Warren
August 26, 1998

whispering *** listening
murmuring sea-song ***crashing upon rock
pull of ebb and flow *** drifting, dreaming
silent it lies for a breath *** still visual cacophony
gathering *** swelling
rescinding *** retreating
salt-spray *** stinging
upon the shoreline watching *** on waves thought speeding
falling *** rising
mind-sailing *** heart-feeling
sails billowing *** with the dream


MissKris said...

Having grown up close to the sea, that's one thing I miss living here in Portland, which is 100 miles or so inland from the Pacific. It is still one of my favorite places and a great place to go to sort out changes. I'm more of a walker when I'm there, tho...I can go for miles!! But I know exactly what 'smell' you're talking about, dear Sarah...and even thousands of miles away from your sea...I'm sitting here taking it in, too. A gentle (((((Hug))))) to you...and I wish we lived near each other, too. But we're only a keyboard away...that's much better than nothing, eh?

Merle said...

Dear Sarah ~~ I am so glad you are having nice weather and lots of sunshine to sit inn and enjoy.Thank
you so much for your comments and kind thoughts about me and my blog.
I am so thankful that you care. Glad you enjoyed the post and I agree Character Lines are better than wrinkles. Take care, my friend, Much
love, Merle.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I think it would be an awesome blessing to live by the sea...except during hurricane season that is!

I almost felt that I was with you there. You have such a talent of pulling on into your writings!

Have a great weekend! ☼

Sling said...

I like to say that I grew upin the ocean.
I lived walking distance my entire childhood,and while I live inland now,I can still smell the salt air,and hear the complaints of seagulls in my mind.

Susie said...

I also love that Beach smell :)
The ocean and beach are one of my most favorite places to be. I find it so renewing.

Betty said...

Just dropping by to say hi.....I am envious of your closeness to the smell of the ocean....when I walk and am near to our pond or some would say lake...their is a scent that calls to mind walking on the sea shore...

Hope life is treating you with the utmost respect.....

Marion and John from Wales will be visiting us for twelve glorious days soon.....we are elated....Betty

Kerri said...

Your beautiful descriptions of the sea make me long for a stroll along an ocean beach, complete with the smell of the sea, the sound of waves, and gulls crying.
Your photos of the shore are so much appreciated..they're simply breathtaking! I loved the whole slideshow of your trip to Helensburg. You live in a glorious place!
I love the poem too. Thank you dear Sarah :)

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