Monday, January 31, 2011

Walking with my lad

Just back from a morning stroll with sonser - the big yin. We dropped the wee brother off at school and headed straight down towards the shore. I took my camera in the hopes that there would be a nice photo to blog about but the weather was dire - overcast and drizzly. Now that we're back in the sun has burst through the clouds, bouncing light all around the place creating rainbows on the hills and water - argh!

It was lovely to listen to the waves crash and roll onto the beach as we walked along past the hotels with their sweeping lawns. We followed the length of the promenade then headed up behind the bay, past the old church towards home. Sonser is 6ft 6in so it's not just a walk to me – it's a work-out! The walk/jog was only about half an hour but enough to get the day off to a good start.

We all worked in the garden over the weekend, still more to do but the tubs and decking are cleared and grass raked over. I'm desperate for Spring to come but the forecast is for more snow later in the week so for the now l'll have to content myself with just buying the seeds.

The photograph below was not taken by me but is the same church that we passed today - looking as it might do again in a few days time.

1 comment:

Rob said...

don't worry about the weather where I'm concerned as it's nice to see any picture from the west coast rain hail or shine.

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