Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Coconuts and Power Drills

Another day in sunny springtime Scotland! Woke up early this morning but didn’t really get moving until afternoon ~ showers off and on. Eventually headed out to the garden centre and bought some plants for my mixed border: Viola’s (to cheer up empty spots), Aquilegia, Lavender, Rosemary and Doronicum Caucasicum. The latter being the wonderful yellow daisy-like flowers (bottom left photo). I have already got plenty of aquilegia grown from seed but mostly in containers ~ wonderful colours in summer but adored by slugs.
Took my wee lad to the beach on way home where he found two starfish and a crab. After a while he suddenly piped up, “ Mum, look for a coconut tree because l’m thirsty.” How funny was that? Anyway at supermarket in evening l had to buy him his own wee coconut. Back home his dad (with power drill) helped get the milk out. What is it with men and power tools ~ surely there is an easier way?

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