Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dirty Birdie

We have a Love Bird, just the one ~ l call him Randy. Randy and l don’t get on ~ he swears obscenities at me constantly and l can’t stand to watch his shenanigans with the hanging toy in his cage! Filthy. My husband loves the wee guy who repeats his whistles and they also seem to have developed their own play and language of sorts.
Randy arrived as a pair but unfortunately his Mrs. escaped through the food hatch of the cage and was mistaken as a flying ball by our puppy Cal ~ you can imagine the rest! I had to bring G. downstairs to a shower of coloured feathers and a border collie hiding under the sideboard ~ Cal knew what he had done.
At the time we were informed that Lovebirds mate for life and he might now pine away ~ that was 4 years ago ~ can’t be true! Randy obviously gets too much satisfaction from seeing me in discomfort ~ he screeches loudly and competes on vocal levels with everything (hoover, washing machine, radio etc.)
Arghh and he is far too familiar with that toy!

Temperament: Very active, curious, and playful, lovebirds pack a lot of personality into a small package. They are also feisty little birds. They are very social and form deep bonds with their owners and are sometimes very cuddly birds, but their intense personalities can also make them prone to nipping and territorial aggressiveness and jealousy.
Expected Life Span: Up to 15 years or more. HELP.

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