Friday, September 01, 2006

Help l need more fish oils!

SW and the kids made it over safe and well ~ thought they would be exhausted ~ think again RR!
My Sis has been on the go since her arrival ~ meeting up with all the family, her friends and old haunts. Ironically, I am the one popping the fish oils in an attempt to keep up!!
My Sister and her children look fantastic ~ all that Aussie fresh air has done them good ~ photos to follow when l get the chance.
The first week we went to a Fayre in a neighbouring town ~ Sam loves spending time with his cousins. They all walked along holding hands together ~ sweet. ☺
The girls love coming up to my place for sleepovers and next week we have planned a makeover night~ lol.
Last weekend we had the Cowal Games and yesterday was Snow White’s birthday. We had a fun family birthday get-together for her.
I am trying to catch up with all my blogging friends now but please be patient with me ☺ Miss you loads.
Ps- Glad to report the kitchen got finished in time. ;)


Sue said...

So glad to see you posting! We've missed you heaps!
I hope you're enjoying every moment of your sister's visit. (and aren't you glad the kitchen is done)!

Tammy said...

So glad to hear Shona and family made it safe!!
So glad to hear from YOU!!!
I've missed you so bad!!
I know you are having fun though and are busy, busy, busy!!!
We are going out of town till next Thursday Sept.7...but come see me as soon as you can...Gosh...I've missed you!!!!
ps...tell Shona HI!!

Sling said...

Don't you hate it when real life interrupts your blogging?..Nice to see you agian!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

It's so nice to see you back again, but you sound so busy. You must be having a fabulous time with your sister & family. You got your kitchen done just in time...I bet you really worked hard.

Have fun and enjoy your sister's visit...don't worry about us...We'll be right here waiting for you to come out and play when your company is gone. hehehe

Kerri said...

You're sweet to take the time to catch us up on a bit of news.
So glad you're having a wonderful time with your sister and her children. You must take all the time you can to enjoy your hours with them!
We'll all look forward to seeing pics of your 'new' kitchen when you can step back and take a breath. Meanwhile, keep popping the fish oil and don't worry about us....we'll still be here :)

Merle said...

Hello Horizon~~ Glad to hear of your sister's arrival and that you are both enjoying each other, as well as the
little cousins. I hope your sister had
a lovely birthday and just being there with you, I'm sure she did. Take care
and look afer yourself and we will see you later. Hugs, Merle.

Connie and Rob said...

Missed you so much!!! I have to tell you that Rosa made me make a post and mention Randy. Her heart is aching.

Take care and will talk to you soon.

Granny said...

Just saying hi here again.

Sigrun said...

Hi Horizon, nice, to hear from you. Highland gathering is a great thing- we where at Portree in 1993 at the gathering, it was fascinating!
Next year I come to scotland - but in April - no gathering!


MissKris said...

I have a cousin of my Mom's coming out here to Portland from New Hampshire later this month and I'm so excited...I haven't seen her in over 14 years! She is the only direct link I have left to my Mom and, as my mom was an only child, Ginger was like a sister to her growing up. She's in her later 70s now and reads my blog all the time...she told me in an email she can't wait to sit down and visit and I can't wait to sit down and pick her brain...see if I can't find out a little more about what made my mom 'tick'. My Mom was a real mystery to my brothers and me. I am so, so glad you've had this time with your sister!! Enjoy it to the fullest! :-)

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