Friday, November 17, 2006

Story by Sam (4years)-from memory alone

It is dark here now and cold- a real chill in the air tonight, brrrr. Daniel is travelling home by train and l am hoping that he will connect with the last ferry- l also hope that he is wearing a good jacket!
During these last few weeks l have been busy down at my Mum's house- she has been having her home rewired (electrical) so carpets have had to be lifted and furniture stacked. It has been a long road. Mum has kept so much from our childhoods and has lived in the same house since, so there was plenty to organise! Yesterday the bottom of the house was rewired and so we have been busy putting things back. Mel was down with me today and we changing around the kitchen units too. On Monday the electricians come back to do the upstairs so in the meantime l am going to enjoy my weekend with the family.
Below is a story that Sam recited to me a few weeks back when he was recovering from a cold. l grabbed my camera in a hurry but not fast enough so the beginning is missing. Anyway he did well.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

They (the family) were joined by a puppy that Pam found, a stray kitten that Chris found and a pigeon with a broken wing that Mr. J brought home. A rabbit with only one ear that was found with Mrs. J, a hedgehog and a sleeping tortoise also moved in.
One day they were so pleased when Gran came to live with them and then uncle John, the old sea captain and his parrot came to live with them. But there was no room left at all for them (this family) to spread.

“Oh dear what a muddle, what a noise, even the house is unhappy! Now l have nowhere to spread my building bricks!” Mumbled Chris.
So when Pam and Chris went to bed they wished and wished that the house would grow. And the house did just that, first it grew by one floor and then two! The old sea captain was delighted.

Now (the old sea captain) he had room of his own, to keep his collection of old ships, his seashells and his parrot.


Sue said...

I could just listen all day to sweet Sam tell his stories! What a great vocabulary and imagination for a four year old. Sheer delight!

PEA said...

Oh dear Horizon, what a wonderful little story as told by Sue I could listen to him all day!! I love how expressive he gets! lol Please tell him I'm quite impressed and give him a bigggg hug all the way from Canada:-) You certainly have been busy at your mum's doubt she appreciates all the help! Hopefully you can relax a bit this weekend and I know you'll love having Daniel home:-) xoxo

Jeanette said...

HI Horizon
just delightful A poet in the making,and the expression on Sam's face. I like Sue and Pea could listen to him all day. And you sure been busy at Mums place
Big HUGS to Sam

Grish said...

Took me a minute to realize why the floor was being torn up for rewiring. I've never seen a house wired in the floor. All of the ones I have seen were wired in the walls but then I remembered watching the BBC network and seeing wires coming up from the floor for light switches and what-not. Interesting.

He reads good. You do know that you all's accent is music to my American ears don't you?

zingtrial said...

Hi,nice story and he tells it so well.Thanks for sharing :) .
wish you well

Merle said...

Hello Horizon ~ Your Sam is a cutie and he did very well with his story. Thank you so musch for your comments. The Taxi
story was nice, and as you say it makes us appreciate our families more. I hope
you have a wonderful weekend with all
the family home. Take care, Love,Merle.

Connie and Rob said...

Well he is just a darling. I just love listening to him telling his story. He has such expression and drive to get that story told correctly. Thanks for making me smile.

Hope you get a little rest time.

Take care and hugs,

Kerri said...

Your little Sam is a real delight. Is he reading, or making the story up as he goes? He's a wonderful story teller, just like his mom, and creative too. I think you have a whole family of creative minds there.
He's adorable and I too love his accent. Wonderful! :)

Pamela said...

That was so good! He looks so young to have memorized such a detailed story! I am so impressed! ((applause)) Thank You so much for sharing Sam's delightful story! He is so cute! :)

slap me happy said...

have listened to this 3 time now, how precious was that. He is doing really well.
proud aunty shona

Cathy said...

What a dear!
His accent is adorable.
Give him an extra hug for me.

Sigrun said...

He is a cutie!


Sharon Kay said...

How fun was that........miss my grandchildren and I sure did enjoy Sam's story. Thank you Sam.

UKBob said...

Hi Horizon. You asked about cutting back your Fuchsia. I don't usually cut mine back until Spring. As long as we don't get too much cold you could risk it now if you really want it cut but to be safe I would leave it until towards the end of February.

Lorraine said...

Holy moly, that was delightful! Sounds like his mind is as full as that house he describes!

Pretty Lady said...

I got so busy on the weekend with the house and running from one place to another so I am finally back with all of you my dear friends and enjoy all of your stories specially this one by little Sam. I hope you had some relaxful fun after all of the great help you gave to your mom. Friendly, PL

Kate said...

I love "Sam"s little accent!!! Then I realised the story was written there for me to follow along! Da.... a little slow I am.
One day (in the near future) i hope to get to Scotland. That where my 4th. gr. grandfather came from.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Sam is so cute and I loved the way he told his story. I'm glad you taped it and shared it. Thank you so much.


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