Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hunter's Moon

Night temperature is going to drop to -4 here this evening and the moon is big and bright in a clear sky ~ l can see it from my desk. I’ve been talking with my husband over a cup of tea as we sit and watch the night sky. Himself being into Astronomy (has been so since boyhood) I pass on his thoughts on the Full moon which has always had special importance down the ages and especially so this time of the year. There are so many phases of the Moon that hold particular interest for us. Its constantly changing appearance has been noticed carefully since the dawn of civilization.
Most full moons are given names. The old Moon occurs after Yuletide; the Milk Moon in May; the Hay Moon in July.
So here’s a bit of astronomy. The Moon rises and sets every day, just like the Sun. At the time of the new moon it rises and sets at about the same time as the Sun. At the time of the full moon the Moon rises as the Sun sets and sets at about the same time as the Sun rises. I hope your all still following this ~ l had to hear this a few times before it sunk in- lol.
Autumn full moons tend to rise in the evening and because of the low arc the Moon appears to make through the night sky, it appears bigger and brighter than at other times of the year. This is a magnification of the earth’s atmosphere. Years ago when l lived in Maine, USA l remember being stunned at the size of a magnified moon- it seemed to be sitting at the end of my street and looked surreal.
As the days pass the Moon is said to wax i.e. it grows bigger as it rises later each day and sets later each night (around August/September).

The full moon which lies closest to the autumn equinox is known as the Harvest Moon. For farmers this is ideal to enable harvesting of summer crops to go on well into the night (and gave excuse for late night walks and crooning/singing).
The Hunter's Moon is the full moon that follows the Harvest Moon. This moon appears brighter as the nights are now darker ~ ideal for hunters but dismal for burglars!
On the North American continent some native populations welcomed the full ‘Beaver’ moon of November as a sign to get final traps set before the winter freeze.

For those with a warm coat and some binoculars it’s a good chance on cold clear nights to have a look at the cratered lunar surface.

This was today’s bit of lunacy- hope it didn’t drive you mad ☺

It was once believed, and to some degree still is, that the moon had a large effect on the human psyche, the way it does on the ocean tides. It was widely held that the full moon had the effect of heightening madness, and making people more prone to doing insane acts.


Pamela said...

Loved your little bit of Lunacy! It really is brighter in the Autumn months! We were just saying how Autum seems to go by faster than any of the other seasons, cause the beautiful leaves come and go so quickly. I may have just learned one more reason why I am not so good with plants, I don't walk around at night and sing to them and I love plants. lol

Sue said...

Great post on the Autumn moon and skies!
Even though we're far apart, it's nice to think we're sharing that same beautiful moon!

PEA said...

That's what is so great about the night sky...when you look at the moon and stars, you know you're sharing it with all your friends around the world:-) Hey you forgot to mention another kind of know, the one when someone "moons" you! hehe Very interesting post and I learn something new every day!! Take care my friend xoxo

UKBob said...

I've heard of the Harvest Moon but thats about it. My dad always looks to a new moon for the weather saying that whatever weather comes in with the new moon sets the trend until the next new moon.

somershade said...

and my nurse friends said the full moon would cause people close to their due date to go in labor.

Enjoyed the moon lesson.
not just being nice, I really did. xxxooo your way baby!!!

Pretty Lady said...

I love the moon and since you did teach something new Today I will teach you a new word in spanish: Luna is for Moon, doesn't sound so pretty too.

Sling said...

I love all that moon stuff!
Thanks for the great info. :)

Lorraine said...

Oh, but you left out one of my favorite moons, the Children's Moon...the one you can see sometimes during the day...when the children are awake.

Connie and Rob said...

I also heard about the full moon and going into labor early. I never say never. The moon could very well be in control of our moods. Now when I am having a bad time...I will tell the hubby to go outside and check the moon. It is nice to have something to blame my madness

Big Hugs,

Grish said...

I am not so unsure that the moon doesn't have something to the human psyche. I'd go with that...

Dan said...

Great post about the moon! I love the moon, and I'm not even a werewolf (at least I don't think I am).

Your right about binoculars helping to see the lunar surface. I want to share a photo I took of the moon about a month ago using by 10x lens and tripod. You can click on it to make it even larger.

Full moons rock!

Tammy said...

I loved your "moon" post!!
I love huge bright moons...have you ever seen one shining on is awesome!!
I also believe that people get a little crazy during full least I blamed it on that...hey is there a full moon this week?? I've been around a lot of crazy folk...would almost make you think the whole world has gone mad and you are stuck in was really that bad!!

slap me happy said...

cute post, very informative

Merle said...

Hi Horizon ~~ Great post about the moon. It is amazing to think the same moon shines on all parts of the world, no
matter where we live. It sort of binds us all together. Spread the madness around !!. I hope your Dad got on OK after his fall. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

somershade said...

congradulations on being an aunt again.:)

Kerri said...

It's always interesting reading here on your blog and you write so well. Thanks for the fascinating info on the moon. I enjoyed your little bit of lunacy. You know we're all a little crazy :) Don't know what we can blame it on when the moon isn't full :)
You're an aunt again? Is that your brother and SIL's new little one?

UKBob said...

Where did you get too horizon, hope you're ok.

zingtrial said...

Hi This is good posting,Here in U.K. when its full moon,things go wild .But then again for thousands of years it has been believed that the fortunes of human moves in cycles it was known as the "wheel of fortune"
I am over the moon He!He!He!
Wish you well

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