Friday, November 10, 2006

They went without me!

Surprised to see this wee chappie perched outside the back the other day when he should be down in Africa or at least the south Mediterranean. He is a Chiffchaff so named by its song. It’s a warbler that feeds on insects out of the air. I guess the mild autumn weather has kept him around this late. But not for long with the threat of frost and few flying insects around. It is amazing that this little srcap of bone and feather can fly to the west coast of Africa – and return again next Spring. I certainly couldn't walk that far :)


Lorraine said...

A chiffchaff? Officially my new favorite bird.

Pamela said...

Such a cute little chap! Love your photo of him! It is amazing they come so far in their travels, just to make it through the winter. Enjoy your Friday! Glad to hear you all have been so busy with lots to celebrate. :)

Tammy said...

I love plump lil' birdies like this one...nice pic!!

clairesgarden said...

well the midges are still out at times , he's stayed around to help clear 'em up. nice wee thing!

Hliza said...

One of those wonders of nature..

Cathy said...

Do you take part in any formal (or informal) bird watch program in Scotland? I know that the BBC has a great program for citizens in all of the UK (I believe) to participate in. I am involved in the Nature Watch programs in Canada and it is important to report such findings, as they can be indicators of climate change.

Your example is fascinating!

PEA said...

I'd never heard of this little bird...I do hope he does end up flying where he's supposed to for the winter! Some of these birds stay behind and don't survive:-( I, too, am always amazed at how such delicate looking creatures can fly so far! Have a wonderful weekend dear friend xox

Sharon Kay said...

It is so neat to be able to get your camera when you see something like this. A wonderful picture of a beautiful little bird.

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Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a pretty little bird and hard to believe it flies all the way to Africa just as the monarch butterflies here go to Mexico. Amazing. And I wouldn`t mind at all if you added me to your list. Thank you ! I`ve already got yours on my links :)


MissKris said...

I love birds. I do most of my bird-watching from my two porches but my younger brother and his wife do it world-wide. They've been all over the US, Europe, Costa Rica, and will be taking their 3rd trip to Africa this next year to do some more 'watching'. Eric has become a phenomenal photographer and has some beautiful shots of the many hundreds of species they've spotted thru the years. He even has a photo of a rare butterfly that landed on his bald head, hahaha! ;-D Chickadees are here pretty much year round but one of the first "Spring songs" I love to hear is the sweet, melodic voices of the house finches as they come back to nest in the trees behind our house. It's such beautiful music to awaken to at dawn!

Sue said...

I've never heard of a chiffchaf! He's a beautiful little guy. Hope he finds a good place to hang out if he doesn't migrate!

Kerri said...

What a lovely clear photo of this sweet little fellow. Aren't the birds beautiful and fascinating creatures? I hope he ends up where he's supposed to be.

slap me happy said...

cute wee birdie but a bit lonely looking by itself hey

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