Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Technical Difficulty

Himself here reporting that - due to a technical difficulty involving the keyboard, an excited laddie and a cup of tea - normal service is suspended until the postie turns up with a replacement keyboard. (no I couldn't fix it - mac keyboards are sealed tight - I tried really I did!).
While I'm here you may care to know that I will, cringeworthily and with true Brit. grovelling, be cooking again this weekend. My Doctor tells me this will elevate me to the status of SUPREME MASTER and STUD of CHOICE in eyes of illustrious HERSELF.Who is that laughing - what?
Bless all for kind comments and know herself is thinking of you all - her dear friends - missing you and looking to be back asap.


PEA said...

I'm not laughing...really...."snickers"! hehe Well thank you so much, Himself, for letting us know what is going on with our dear Horizon. What a shame about the keyboard but hopefully the new one will arrive soon:-) My 10 month old flatscreen monitor decided to stop working but it's a good thing I had still kept my old monitor...WHEW!! lol Please tell Horizon that we miss her as much as she misses us:-) xox

"Early Bird" said...

Bummer...well nothing for it but to sit here and await her return......
Thanks for letting us know!

Kerri said...

My hubby would definitely be elevated to Supreme Master if he would deign to cook me a meal of Angus steak with whiskey sauce, mushrooms, etc. and serve it with chianti. I can't in fact, imagine him doing it :) A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is his forte!
So sad about the keyboard! These things are sent to try us!

slap me happy said...

hi G, glad to hear from you. I'll bet she drove you nutty awaiting the new keyboard lol

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