Monday, August 20, 2007

The glass is still half full

For dinner on Saturday night we used vegetables from the garden. Although l don’t have a big veg. plot you have to admit that THAT courgette was a whopper! Hubby did them diced and hot fried in butter with fresh mint leaves from his 'mint from Cornwall' tub he keeps in the garden. Little tomatoes from my wee plot baked in the oven with grated Parmesan. He is a man of few words sure - but big moments when I need some TLC.

My wee nephew, Sorley (isn't he a sweetheart) was Dedicated at church on Sunday - his mum and dad took part in the service which added a nice touch. Afterwards all the family and friends were treated to lunch at a local restaurant. Sitting there as a family, having a few giggles and just being together, well, l didn't take it for granted.

We bought a nearly new car just before S started school and sold our old one the same day! G got attached to the old car ('Faith' by name!) and so it was sad to see it/her go but it is being used for Outward Bound work with young people so being well employed. New car is smooth, quiet, all the electrickery, CD player, computer and very roomy. No reassuring aches, rattles, thuds, grinding noises or squeals. Very spooky.

Went for a quick paced two-mile walk along the Prom. with a good friend this morning- the weather was just perfect and we had a good old natter together- therapeutic for us both! Photo was taken Friday evening from the same Promenade.

Over the weekend l got the front garden cleaned up a bit while hubby cut the grass so now it's all looking much better. Afterwards we went out for a Guinness - velvety smooth and so refreshing after the work!
Best Guinness G says is in Ireland but this one went down pretty quick and well. When G went to Dublin he went to the Guinness factory for the tour around and included samples. Afterwards, outside, when they were waiting for a taxi he chatted to an old tramp with a horse and cart. The taxi driver laughed and said it was the old man Guinness - family owner - who often did that to find out what people really thought of the place. Truth or Blarney?

And last, but certainly not least… l feel blessed with the best group of friends on Blogger! Thank you for your kind and supportive comments.


Sorlil said...

Nice post, I'll never forget the guinness I had in Ireland - like ice-cream beer!

T*mmy said...

Sounding a tad more cheerful!
Keep your head up and a smile on!

PEA said...

Isn't it amazing how food grown in your own garden tastes so much better?!! Yummmmm! Your little nephew certainly is a darling, congratulations to him for being Dedicated at the church:-) I'm sure you'll enjoy your "new" car...soon enough it will start getting its own rattles, thuds, etc! lol That rainbow picture is just fabulous!! I'm guessing that Guinness is a beer? I don't like any kind of beer but I'm sure I've seen that brand here. Dear Horizon, WE are the lucky ones to have such a blogging friend as YOU!! xoxo

Garden girl said...

Hello - couldnt believe it when I found your blog with the same name as mine! wow...I ssee you live in Scotland. I live in Australia, but am originally from the UK - and have lots of freinds still there. Nice to meet you have a nice blog, and yes..I too have an empty nest! But..loving it and the free time it gives me!
cheers Garden girl.

Alice said...

Glad to see you had a lovely weekend with lots of close attention and love. Your vegie picture is cute - the biggest smiling courgette I've seen

Loved the rainbow over the water - now there's a good omen for the coming weeks.

Take care, dear.

Big hugs.

Susie said...

So glad you had a happy weekend with some yummy things from your garden.
What a precious adorable nephew you have :)
Keep smiling...Life is good!!

slap me happy said...

I love your new car sis, very very very nice. Am jealous : )
thanks so much for the parcel, Noah in his pj's as I type. Got off phone to you and bathed both the boys lol. My two wee Nessies !

MissKris said...

Hello, dear friend! My computer died over the weekend and I'm trying to do a little catching up with my daughter's laptop but I keep deleting myself or hitting the wrong buttons! Dear Hubby told me to go out and buy a new computer this weekend and I can tell you won't be a laptop, ha! I enjoy stopping by here so much, Sarah...I'm just having a moment to hop around a bit this morning 'coz I wasn't able to hook on until late last nite and now the baby is due here any minute. I'll stop back by this evening when I've got more time to REALLY read. I may have to 'snatch' that "Empty Nest" graphic you used...would you mind? I just love that woman's contemplative look. Hope this finds you well and your part of the world drying out a bit. Our climates are quite similar, and when we're 'blessed' with a wet, dreary summer it just makes winter soooooooooooooo much longer, doesn't it?

Carmen said...

Guinness is Jim's favorite, too!

Sharon Kay said...

What does your garden grow? I think that is a poem I remember from many years ago. I love the picture with the are so good with the camera and I like the look of that new car. I have to go car shopping soon,only one car to drive now that we moved back to Ohio and I must get another real soon. Thanks again Sarah for my blog award....Sharon K

Carmen said...

You are tagged in my blog and I am afraid it will be a double tag, LOL
You will love both!!!

Betty said...

Horizon, what a happy post....I'm so glad I came by....the meal sounds delicious.....I'm just learning about courgettes...I read about them in Susan Hill's (I think that's her name). Then my friend Marion, in Wales) told me about them. We don't grow them in the south.....

Sorley is so precious....

I like your nearly new car.....those are the best kind...

Life is good....I'm so thankful to have you for a blogging friend....Betty

Merle said...

Hi Sarah ~~ Your little nephew is lovely and your new car looks so nice
Veggies from your own garden taste so much better than store bought ones.
Your rainbow is beautiful. Does your little son love school? I do hope so
and most seem to these days. Take care, my friend. I was looking through some old printed pages from our blogs and came across our limo
trip to Cornwall that you took us on.
It's still brilliant. Love, Merle.

Kerri said...

I'm giggling at your veggie face. You always make me laugh with your creative sense of humour :)
Oh that wee boy is adorable...huggable...I'll bet he got lots of those! I'm glad you enjoyed the family fun...a nice pick-me-up for you :)
Nice new van. Soon enough it will feel like yours and have a personality all its own.
Perfect rainbow pic!!
I'm glad the Guiness went down well after all that work.
You are the blessing dear friend. I'm delighted to know you. xoxo

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