Saturday, August 25, 2007

Highland Games Day

Just a quick post here today as it's the Highland Games in our wee town. This Highland Gathering is the largest in the world with pipe bands and dancers coming from many different countries- over 150 bands at least! I can hear the pipe music as l type here so want to get out soon and enjoy the day. It is hard to believe that a year has passed since my sister from Australia was over visiting- l remember all of us huddled under a giant umbrella laughing with the kids as the bands went by. That old slideshow of us is HERE- miss you all Sis!!

This past week I have been with two dear friends, each with one of their children in the hospital (planned surgeries). Wee N (age 3) had Palate surgery on Wednesday and M (age 7) had her Eye surgery yesterday. Both children are doing well and were really brave but it is always difficult to see wee ones having to go into hospital.

On Thursday night we went to a neighbouring village Gala. The weather was very warm for this area and it seemed that everyone came out to enjoy the evening’s events- music, dancing etc. Wee S enjoyed himself immensely as you can see from the pictures below. He met up with some of his best pals from school and had a brilliant time.
My sister-in-law worked one of the stalls. You can see her on one of the pictures wearing a T-shirt that says, 'Stop the Traffik'. You can read more about human trafficking HERE. We signed her petition of course.

Well it’s Saturday already and sadly a bit drizzly this morning- sunshine going to break through by midday. The pipe bands might get soaked and you know what they say, "heavy kilts and heavy drinking makes for strange bagpipe music!"


The Mama said...

We have our local Highlands Festival here in Estes Park Colorado in two weeks. It will be the first time we take both kids and I can't wait. I love the music and the dancing!

Kerri said...

Those Highland Games must be great fun. I hope the weather holds for you. S looks like he had a happy time with his friends. Such a neat slide show you've put together.
Gosh, a year has passed since your sister's visit? That's hard to believe!
I hope and pray your friends' children continue to do well after their surgery. Poor little tykes. It's hard when they're so young.
Have a lovely weekend Horizon! xoxo

MissKris said...

Hey, Sarah! Please come and do something fun. Please copy and paste this link:

Snow White said...

Hi sis, have been greet'n on and off all weekend. Miss you all badly. Love you all so much was there in spirit playing in the local band again, hard to believe that was nearly 17 years ago i started in the pipe band.Will be an old fart this friday, am not looking forward to it as it is always a really hard time for me without you all. I love you RR

Snow White said...

hey forgot to ask who was that stud muffin signing the petition.???????? hmmmm

Alice said...

You've just brought back wonderful memories of the Highland Games in Nairn in 1993. The caber tossing and the Highland dancing, the bike races and the pipe bands, and all the rest of it. Great day.

I hope your friends' children make full recoveries and their operations are successful.

I hope you have a fulfilling and very happy week, Sarah.

T*mmy said...

I just have to tell you...this mornin' Hubby and I were sitting on the back yard swing and he up and says...wouldn't it be nice if we could get on a plane in NY and fly to visit your Scottish friend?
This just blew me away as it was just out of the blue!
Who knows maybe someday!!!
Have a great day my friend!!

Jeanette said...

Hi Horizon, Oh how I would love to be there for the highland games. I can listen to the Scottish bands and Bagpipes for hrs. have fun.

CJ said...

Hey Horizon,
Finally made it back to blogland and to catch up with all your happenings! Whew, you've had a whole lot going on! It's hard when the nest is empty altho yours aren't so very far away...still there'll be times when a few miles feels like a million - always hard I know.
Selfishly, I'm so glad you're back cause I really miss your observations on our corner of the world.
Thanks for the the award! What a compliment. I'll pay it forward in the next day or two.

Betty said...

Horizon, In Georgia, there are Highland Games at Culloden, near where we lived once.

I see a family resemblance in the slide show. You have a great looking family.....all the children look so happy.......Betty

MissKris said...

It's Tuesday the 28th...hello! I got a new computer over the weekend with high-speed and a ton of memory so I'm having a BLAST whizzing around cyberspace, haha! I finally have enough oomph for your site to load without any problems AND I finally get to see your slide shows!!!! Woooooo hooooooo! LOL! Hope this finds you well, my friend.

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