Monday, September 17, 2007

The dust settles

Just a short post tonight to let you know l'm still blogging. These past few weeks have passed so quickly and l have had no time at all to get to my computer. My oldest two have left now for university and it has been an emotional and busy time.
We moved 'D' up to his flat over two trips as he begins his second year doing Mechanical & Electrical Engineering. He is currently looking for a wee job to help with expenses and l worry how he will manage to juggle his time between full days of course study and work. 'D' is a very likable lad and has moved into a flat with his pals for this year- they have had a couple of ‘moving in parties’ and l can only hope that these will now settle down as the year commences.

My daughter 'M' started her university on Monday of this week and moved into her flat on Wednesday - another two ferry crossings! This is her first year of nursing and she is just about to start Freshers' Week. She has quite a few flat mates already: four French girls, three Scottish lads and one Irish lad. 'M' is also in the top flat (same as her brother) - lots of stairs but worth it for the views. I love this picture of her.

Today l had to head around Loch Fyne to the town of Inveraray so l took my Mum and wee S along for the ride. This time we took the tour at Inveraray Jail - a place we’ve so often passed by. Wee S really soaked the whole experience up and it was lovely to watch. Mum and l enjoyed shopping at the Inveraray Woollen Mill afterwards. I took loads of pictures so will post a slideshow tomorrow.


T*mmy said...

I'm so glad to see a post from you!

Sometimes the older ones can keep us more busy than the young fry, can't they?

Can't wait to see your slide show!

You have a great rest of the day!

PEA said...

Hello dear Horizon:-) I can understand why you wouldn't have much time for the computer, you certainly have been busy getting your two older children settled! The very best of luck to two boys were lucky as the university they attended was right here in Sudbury so they could live at home:-) That Jail certainly sounds like a fun place...I'd love to go there!! Looking forward to your slideshow:-) xoxo

Susie said...

Lovely to see you posting again. We all understand how busy this time is!
That picture of "M" is very ethereal. Love it!!

Granny said...

You've been so busy.

Is a flat like a college dormitory here or do several students rent a large place together?

Here a flat is an entire floor of a building with other flats above and/or below.

Kerri said...

I absolutely love that picture of you and S. Just beautiful! The other 2 are lovely as well. I can understand why you love that pic of sweet. I like what you did with the college mates pic :)
Those stairs will keep the kids fit!
I imagine D will do just fine juggling his time. He sounds like a sensible lad.
You've been a busy girl!

Betty said...

Dear Horizon,

My what a great Mom you are...getting all your little chicks where they need to be....I know you are indeed busy.....

I'm so honored that I was in your thoughts.....does my heart good. Thank you for the sweet comments and visit......

I often think of you and your family and your husband's family came from Scotland
many, many years ago....

Please come again......Betty

Snow White said...

Hi sis, whats the go I was on the pc last week every day looking for new posts, in between doing admin for the houses hence no post in my blog lol andthere was no new post in yours and I peek in and now there are so many to catch up on lol. Been so busy here too, Did you show G the eclipse vidoe yet. Love the pics esp mel she is stunning.
love to you all
xx for spidey

UKBob said...

Hi there. I visited Inveraray several times last whilst up there on holiday, I love that place. Bob.

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