Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Inveraray Town

‘S’ went into school today proudly wearing his badge from his tour of Inveraray jail. It says that he was ‘pardoned for good behaviour’- long may it continue!
Below are two slideshows- the first is of Inveraray town. This small Argyllshire town stands along the shore of Loch Fyne, utterly picturesque with it’s whitewashed stone homes underneath the green mountainside . I love the view across the water as we drive around the Loch and as it unfolds until around the bend is the promontory of Inveraray.
This is an old and ancient lochside place of fishing and of travellers.

The jailhouse that we visited (second slideshow) is of Georgian architecture - as are the other buildings that line the main street- this uniform shape and colour all add to the character and you can see why, with its history and romance this place draws visitors. Along the main street is The George Hotel, an old Inn where we had lunch among old beams and Scottish memories.
My favourite feature in Inveraray is the Celtic cross that stands down near the pier. Yesterday as l stood looking at it with wee ‘S’ an older gentleman came up to us. He told me how his mother’s mother had passed the story on of how the cross was brought here along Loch Fyne during the Ice Age. I can’t see how he figures this timescale as the town origins date from around 1453- perhaps it was just a very, very cold year. Or perhaps the cross was made much earlier, perhaps on Iona and it dates to around the Stone Age- you never know. Anyway he seemed like a nice old bloke and kindly pointed out the Latin inscription to me on the side of the cross itself - I’d love to find out what it says.
You can see Inveraray castle peeping out along the shoreline on the old postcard with the cross (above). This postcard is from 1902.
You may note that wee 'S' took his beloved 'Billy Bear' on tour with him- a day to remember indeed.


T*mmy said...

I admired the Celtic Cross in your first slide show...I've always liked them but that one is very pretty...

Believe it or not my daughter is teaching 7 year old grandson Latin this year in home school!

The first slide showed a flight of concrete stairs...they looked so worn like many feet had trod that way...reminded me of the log cabin steps I saw this weekend, only they were worn wood.

Loved the look on the wee prisoners face in the second slide!! Priceless!!

Hey...so good to have you back on a more regular basis!!

Granny said...

I've forgotten what little Latin I ever knew but if you can read the inscription, google could probably provide a rough translation.

Nice pictures. I'll come back later and see all of them when I'm not so sleepy.

Susie said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures..I'm glad you're posting again.

Kerri said...

I so much enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful area, and love your interesting descriptions. What a neat experience for wee S, and I'll bet Grandma enjoyed herself too. S really got into the whole experience by the looks of things :)
Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them. You got some really great perspectives.
The old gent sounds like a nice bonus :)

Jeanette said...

Hi Horizon, Loved your pictures, and the one of wee sam at the prison.
We have 3 bowling clubs about the same size in my area 5 mins apart.
Btw My computer has crashed and commenting on a very old borrowed puter, while mine goes in for repair then they will restore what they can.

MissKris said...

Just read your comment and I hope you're feeling much better! Funny thing is I had exactly the same thing happen to me last nite, even tho Dear Hubby ate the same thing! I tossed and turned with a very upset stomach, then woke at 4:15 feeling awful. Asked Dear Hubby to call the kids...there was no way I was up to caring for the baby all day! I went back to sleep 'til after 8, almost unheard of, ha! I'm glad to see you posting again...as always, I loved your photos. I have a digital camera but haven't had the time to sit down and really figure it out yet, as to how to hook it up so I can transfer pictures onto the computer. Once a techie nerd, always a techie nerd, hahaha! Take care, dear friend...hope the 'empty nest blues' are easing for you. Just another one of Life's transition times is all. ((((((HUG))))))

CJ said...

Really appreciated the photos. We haven't made it to Inveraray yet and it was so nice to see what a lovely old town it is. Loved the pics in the jail...S looked suitably woebegone in his prisoners' grey stripes...We'd love you to stop by anytime, just give a call to make sure we're in!

Vintage to Victorian said...

What a busy couple of weeks you've had since I last checked in. Lovely slide shows. Are you getting used to the empty nest thing now? Wee S looks great in his kilt.


Merle said...

Hi Dear Sarah ~~ It was a nice surprise to see you back with us again and with 2 great slide shows
Love the pic of you, and S acted
out the part very well. Lots of
interesting things to see at the town
of Inveraray. Thanks for taking us !!
Thanks for your comments, glad you liked me trees and stream picture,
I find it relaxing too. Take care,
dear friend, Love, Merle.

HLiza said...

Oh thanks a lot for bringing us on the tour with you. It's really is a good thing that Sam got to learn something from the jail! I love all the photos..you're good with camera!

PEA said...

I so enjoyed looking at both slideshows...I want to go there now! lol What a fascinating place, the town of Inveraray and the jailhouse! Love the pictures of the Lock...beautiful!! That celtic cross caught my eye right away, I can't get over how old it is! I'm still giggling at picture #9 of S having his jail number picture taken...his look is priceless! hehe What fun you two must have had:-) xoxo

Snow White said...

love the pics sis, wee s looks like he loved it too.

would love to have been there too.

Val said...

Ah being a bell ringer I know about Inverary - a very fine ring of ten bells there in the tower!!

Also it featured on a documentary TV programme about Emergency Rescues, because a very large gentleman visiting the tower for the view at the top, sadly had a heart attack up there - and they had to get a helicopter in to take him off!!

Such a load of rag bag knowledge I have, and I STILL cant remember a shopping list!

Lovely photos of Wee S !

UKBob said...

Hi Horizon. Inveraray is just about my fav place ever, I love it any time of year. It was many years before we ever got to see inside the jail because we couldn't get Fallon past those two guys on the door LOL! If all goes well we should be visiting there next month - can't wait!! Bob.

Crish Hell said...

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