Thursday, February 03, 2011

Another walk

I'm just back in from an amazing walk this morning. This time l headed further up the hill, past the church joining a path that led to the glen. The walk through the glen was so tranquil - water as still as glass - the only sound being the crunch of my own footfall. The ground was still splattered with hail from an early morning (5am) storm - I remember the time well because there was such an almighty rumble and roar that it woke us all up. The result of this storm though is that the air could not have been fresher - it was like breathing in pure oxygen!

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I need to take along hubby's binoculars tomorrow to get a better look at the birdlife. The bird in the slideshow today was a Cormorant ( unusual to see him in the reservoir) and l got the impression he was trying to warn me off for getting so close. I will also have to invest in a better pair of boots because my feet are getting wet with these old ones.

Oh Lordy in no time at all I'm going to become a bright anorak wearing, knobbly stick carrying rambler with a pocket full of boiled sweeties!! I've already got the hat.

1 comment:

clairesgarden said...

love the hat! love the new background too.

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