Sunday, February 13, 2011

A time for change

I don't usually post on political matters but have to say that since the beginning of the protests in Egypt l have, as people all around the world have, been watching events as they unfolded.

It has been an exciting time for change- we've been watching world history unfold before our eyes, a country for the first time in 8000 yrs. demanding and claiming their right to a democracy and equality. The overthrow of Mubarak brought to an end an era of dictatorship and sent a message to others like him that the power of common people has sway.

I was inspired to see these brave Egyptian people come out into Tahrir Square, sit in front of tanks, chant, stand up to the Mubarak supporters and even when things seemed to go against them – stand resolutely together. It was an inspiration to us all – these people wanted change, knew their rights and were demanding good governance. Power to the people!

The people on Avenue Bourguiba and Tahrir Square are good, decent Muslim and Christian Arabs demanding what we all want – a decent life for their families, education for their children, a job and, above all, self-respect. How could letting them run their own country possibly be worse than what has gone before?

--Stephen Day was head of the Foreign Office's Middle East Department

Which leads me to the point of this post – are we as prepared to stand up for ourselves?

For example, the present Coalition government is at this very moment consulting on the sale of over 285 thousand hectares of national woodland in order, so they say, to help reduce the economic deficit. The paranoia of this 'economic deficit' being used to scare us all into accepting any cuts and privatisations is enabling right-winged ideology only dreamed of by previous Thatcherite intents.

If this land is privatised we are looking not only at restrictions for public access but the possibility of private/foreign developers, even possible deforestation! Auctioning of the forests to private owners and the rich will just put more of the UK in the hands of the entitled.

Why does this government want to privatise and sell everything? Does it even have the right to sell-off publicly-owned forests?

Will Education and the National Health Service be next?

I worry for my children- for their national heritage and future.

When does our land stop being our land?

I am now a protestant.

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PEA said...

Happy Valentine's Day, dear Sarah:-)

I have also been following what went on in Egypt and I was ecstatic that these people stood their ground and won their fight for democracy. The dictators of this world have better start changing their ways or else the people will change it for them:-) Too many governments, ours included, don't seem to have our best interests at heart, it only seems to be a power struggle and like you, I hope that our own people will take a stand!!

You had asked about Susie...she's no longer blogging, hasn't for over a year or so. She just recently lost her only son, so very sad. I talked to her on the phone a couple of weeks ago, just to make sure she was ok:-)

Take care dear friend. xoxo

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