Friday, February 04, 2011

Blowing a Hoolie

So far this morning l've had my porridge, walked our wee lad to school and checked around the house for any damage from the high winds of last night. Mostly everything was okay, a few plant pots rolled around and the paper recycle bin on it's side– all minor. I was expecting far worse because a few years back in similar gales the roof ripped from the big shed - flapping around dangerously - just like a tin can with lid pulled back! Last night the front windows bowed back and forth with each strong gust and gave an eerie whistle when the wind caught at an angle- shiver. We're expecting more of the same tonight.

Our boiler also decided to break down yesterday and so today l'm playing the waiting game for the engineer's visit. He'll be up in our youngest son's room working, which means l'm spending the rest of this morning picking up lots and lots and lots of lego! Well at least it's Friday and hopefully by tonight we'll have the heating back on.

Happy weekend folks!

Update: Heating back on!!

My wee lad and l got soaked to the bone on the way home from school - with the wind and rain coming at us from all angles we were as wet as if we'd gone swimming in our clothes! The wind is really starting to pick up now and l hear that the ferry services for different routes have been disrupted or cancelled.
In the next few hours though we'll all be safe at home, hunkered down and ready for what tonight might bring. We'll read books, listen to the radio, knit and play while keeping to the back rooms of the house which are the more sheltered.

And wait...


Pearl said...

Oh seems we are all dealing with mother nature. We have just had a major snow/ice storm.
Stay safe and warm.

clairesgarden said...

glad you got your boiler back working!! seems calm enough this morning here, a bit misty on the hills.

Betty said...

Glad your heating system is working again! Brrrrr.....

Your granddaughter is precious. Aren't grandchildren so much fun?
Our grandson, John, is seven today and we are off to his 'Football Party'.

Blessings...Betty @ Country Charm

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