Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey, what a Life, what a bewdy.

Sad news about Steve Irwin (here)
who died today while filming on the Great Barrier Reef.
Steve became famous as the Australian "Croc Hunter", he was also a passionate environmentalist, a loving father and devoted husband.
My Sister who is over visiting from Australia was shocked to hear about his untimely passing. Mel will also be upset when she gets home from school having been very fond of all of his shows and ideas. Our thoughts go out to his wife, Terry and their two wee children.

You will embark on a fair sea,
and at times there will be fair weather, but not always.
You will meet storms and overcome them.
You will take it in turns to steer your boat through fair weather and foul. Never lose courage.
Save harbour awaits the end.
~Daphne Du Maurer

"Crikey, mate. You're far safer dealing with crocodiles and western diamondback rattlesnakes than the executives and the producers and all those sharks in the big MGM building!"


Marsha said...

I liked him too!!! How sad.

Sue said...

It is sad to lose one so young. I feel for his wife and 2 small children...

Lorraine said...

It is very sad. Although I suppose, given his career path, that I didn't actually expect him to go quietly in his sleep at a ripe old age. Still and all I'm very sorry for his wife and children.

NMOTB said...

That is so sad, I also did a post today, a truly great person!!!!!

Granny said...

I was saddened too. I think many of us posted about him today. I know I did.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

It will be so sad not to be able to see him anymore. I really loved everything about him. Besides his antics he was a great environmentalist. He will be missed by all who knew him.

My condolences go to his family.

Merle said...

Hello Horizon ~ Your kitchen looks wonderful. AND your husband cooks as well ?? Lucky girl. Glad you are having a great time with your sister and her family. I have been aving trouble with my blog. My brother changed me to Beta
and my blog got lost, he set up another
and it got lost. No 3 seems to be OK.
The new url if you want to bookmark it
Take care my friend. Merle.
Love the photo of you.

Connie and Rob said...

It was so shocking how he died. I am so sad for his wife and children.

Take care,

PEA said...

(((Horizon))) I'm catching up on the blogs...I was all excited when I saw you had done up a few posts! lol Your kitchen looks terrific, I love the way everything turned out!! Great work! it's also wonderful that you're having such a great time with your sister and family:-)Yes, it certainly was sad to hear about Steve Irwin's death, I was shocked! Loved watching his show!! Hugs xoxo

Hliza said...

It is very sad. I love Animal Planet because of him; and saving crocodiles had never been so interesting before! My heart goes out to the wife and the kids..

Merle said...

Hi Horizon ~~ Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my new blog
which seems to be working OK. I hope your Mum liked the monk joke, all about
the letter "R" Funny one. Take care,
and have a nice day. Love, Merle.

MissKris said...

He could be a little over the top at times but one thing a person had to admire about him was his gusto for life! At least he died doing something he loved, which is more than most people can say. What a guy!

Kerri said...

He was such a lot of fun. We loved his shows.
Hard to believe he's gone. So very sad for his family.
Love that quote :) It's so him!

Nancy said...

I, too was saddened by this news. He had a special place in my heart. I hope Teri will be okay. Her love for Steve showed in every project.

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