Friday, September 29, 2006

Island Life ~ an oasis of calm in a chaotic world.

While driving up to visit my son at university last week l was listening to the radio show called Ramblings. This broadcast in particular was about the Island of Jura. It was nice to listen to the local folk of Jura and their descriptions of the Isle. I felt as if l had experienced the walk and sights myself! Here is a nice wee video of the place.
I remembered at college doing a design project on Jura and because of this knew quite a bit already about the Island ~ I have always wanted to go there ~ would love to try the local whiskey and breath in the fresh Hebridean air. We do not live far from the Inner Hebrides but because of the geography of the area it is still a fair journey. George Orwell, wrote his book 1984 here and lived in Barnhill.
Within the next few weeks my husband has work on Islay - l have been thinking of going with him for the few days. Islay is the island just to the south of Jura- they are a stones throw from each other- divided only by the Sound of Jura wherein lies the Corryvreckan whirlpool ~– a bubbling maelstrom!
There is wonderful forklore about the Corryvreckan ~ about a Norse prince and local chieftain’s daughter.
I could easily go and live my life on an island- where doors are open and time seems to be more in pace with the rhythm of life. I would enjoy the smaller local community gatherings, the quieter days and self sufficiency of it all. Perhaps l will drop by the estate agents when we visit.
Spring tide dates for the Corryvreckan are reported to be best seen during this Oct. 4th-11th! Interesting.

"Near the sea we forget to count the days..."


weirdbunny said...

Thanks for the e/mail of your offer to come over and paint - not so good though honey that you live in Scotland !!!! lol

I'm doing the celing at the moment, to the horror of the woodcutter as I'm doing it with a brush and the paint in a mug. He's saying I need to go and get a roller - way tooo messy!! So I go and wash out a paint pad, put the paint into a tray and it's tipped over the floor as I' m painting the ceiling and I've tilted the tray!!!!!

Any way enough rant from me. You'll have to get self sufficent if you live on those little islands - cool adventure though.

somershade said...

Glad you to got to visit with your son.
You must go with hubby,not even a question.Sounds wonderful.

Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful getaway with your hubby!
Loved the gorgeous pictures!

Sigrun said...

Horizon, thank you for this wonderful photos. The doors are open at all isles? Thats a good perspective. Here are all doors closed!


Tammy said...

Great Post Horizon!!!
Very interesting...I loved the video...looks like a fun place and they would not have to tell me twice to stay away from the bull!!

Lorraine said...

Sure, now that you've got your kitchen just the way you like it, go find yourself a house on an island.

It does sound very idyllic and nice and I like the bubbling caldron bit very much.

PEA said...

Can I move with you if you go live on the island??? Please, please, please, please??!!!! How idyllic it sounds...I hope you do decide to go with your hubby, then you can take pictures for us! lol I'll now go read the links you provided and let them carry me away to the island.....Hugs xoxo

Sling said...

I'm lovin' the whole Corryvreckan story!
As for the less than chaste woman,..I won't go there.

Connie and Rob said...

This looks like an absolutely lovely place. Somewhere to go and have no phones...just peace.

Take care,

Granny said...

It's just beautiful. I may be too much of a city girl to enjoy more than a vacation but I can understand the attraction of unlocked doors and calm.

Grish said...

At least the new kitchen might up the value of your house if you sell...:P I think I want to live on an island too...

slap me happy said...

Nice to see your back blogging sis

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