Thursday, September 07, 2006

Parking Not Fine!

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen, it said 'Parking Fine.'
Tommy Cooper

Our local council this past week thought it fit to grace us with two lovely yellow lines in front of our house ~ the place where we have parked our car for the last six years. I now have to find a space up the street or play parking swap games with the neighbours across the road- very embarrassing.
So, over this past weekend; just when we thought we’d be able to rest; we had to start ripping out the shrubs on one side of the garden in order to clear a space for a driveway!
In order to get the kerb lowered the council will charge £1,500!! That is an expensive 6ft of yellow paint, don't you think?
What angers me is that in this town we pay one of the highest council tax rates in the country- they should give people in our situation a break or at least a reduction. We are the ones who have been 'put out' and are now having to foot the bill for skips, diggers, tons of rubble, stone etc. Ironically my neighbour is the 'Head of Roads' man for the council but then he has a driveway already.
Ahh, life ~ just when you thought you could rest.

My Calendar:
• My oldest son leaves home to start at University- he has just over a week left with us and then we go to settle him into his dorm. Things to buy, pack etc.
(I am dealing with some emotions on this one but at the moment they're ‘shelved’)
• Hosting a Baby Shower for my Sister-in-law. Have never done this before but am today doing the invitations. If you have any ideas on this party would you please send them to me via E-mail as my sister-in-law sometimes drops by here to visit. ☺
• Share quality time with my Sister who is still here visiting- go for some trips, dinner, movies, etc. I will miss her and the kids very much when they leave.
• Mel needs some school trousers. Another trip over the water.

car MOT, car TAX – help! Trip down to Cornwall to visit family.
Daniel’s 18th, Mel’s 17th- my Mum and youngest sister’s birthday too. Oh and the biggest news- my sister-in-law has the baby!
Lets just Forget Christmas - LOL.


Kerri said...

What a huge pain in the patoot! Such a shame you have to rip up your garden...and then add insult to injury by forking over all that money. Who thinks of these things? Makes you want to punch someone in the nose, I'll bet. It would me!
And just when you thought you could rest a bit....
Ah, the empty nest (well, first fledgling off...), that's a bit of a wrench to a mother's heart.
You have a busy schedule ahead.
Remember to have fun :)

Sue said...

You sound beyond busy! As Kerri says the first one to leave your nest always tugs a bit at your heartstrings. I just did a baby shower recently. I'll send you a couple ideas for games we did.
Good luck on the driveway!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Lovely front photo and what a shame you have to wreck your back garden! Taxes.....they seem to tax us to death everywhere!
Hope you can make a parking spot and still have your lovely garden too.


sharonkay said...

What a shame that they want to move every thing around. I can remember my granddaughter last year going to collage for the first is just like going to the first grade for a will get better my daughter says....good luck my dear.

Hliza said...

People here will make a big hoo-ha to the local council if they have the same thing that happens to you. Normally the council will then give in and leave their compound alone!
Wow.. certainly a lot in yr hand!

Lorraine said...

Crikey, what a pain.

And I'll mull on shower ideas and drop a note if I come up with anything.

MissKris said...

I do sympathize with you on this one! We live in an old urban neighborhood in the city and parking can be a nightmare. When developers were considering putting in 4 rowhouses at the end of our block, neighbors got a hold of the city planners and asked them PLEASE to reconsider because there'd be no room for the houses to have driveways and there already isn't enough parking on our street as is. For once, the city listened and, at least for now, the rowhouses won't be built. We had just the opposite happen to us a few years back...we had the curb opening for a driveway but no driveway! So the city made us close it up. Either that or put in a $2000 parking spot in our yard! It only cost a few hundred to close up the curb so we chose that route. Argghhh! It's enough to make you tear your hair out, isn't it?!?

weirdbunny said...

On no your lovely garden, a parking lot - how rude the coucil are !!!

Sorlil said...

what a hardworking and sweet sis-in-law I have! xx

Merle said...

Hi Horizon ~~ A shame about your garden
I am so sorry. It makes extra work for you as well as inconvenience. Your
Daniel will be fine, it is part of the
progess of life - the next phase !!
Thank you for your comments, Take care
my friend and enjoy the rest of your sister's visit and say Hi to her. Have
a great week ahead, Love, Merle.

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