Thursday, January 11, 2007

Blown Away by this Weather

Painting by Scottish Artist: Jennifer Thomson

l wish you could hear and feel the strength of the wind that is blowing around my home right now folks. This is an old house, 2ft thick stone walls and yet l still feel uneasy. Last night G. and l kept a tentative eye on our Barometer in the hall- the pressure fell quite rapidly. Through the night we listened to the wind howling, scraping its way along the road under cars and over dykes- what a sound. No surprise then that 'S' ended up in bed with us. The gusts seemed to ease a bit towards early morning and then pick up again before noon with a thunderstorm thrown in for good measure. What a day ~ l have opted to stay in with wee 'S' and footer about. l am however worried for 'D' coming home tonight, whether the ferries will be running or not?

News Below copied from BLOG
Check out how tight the Isobars are over the UK :)

Hurricane Force Winds Today!
Thursday, January 11, 2007

That's right, even though I don't have much time to post, I have to make mention of this. That storm that the computer models were showing moving a bit further to the north and without as much cold and snow with it, well, they ended up ditching much of the snow and cold, but now the winds with this storm will be the big issue. That's right, strong, some above hurricane force wind gusts over parts of Scotland into northern Wales and Ireland. This will be one of the strongest storms we've seen so far this year, and possibly the strongest all year. But, now to your brief forecast.

This is nothing I am trying to hype, this storm could be the worst of the year so far, even worse than the tropical storms that moved through the area late in the summer. This is actually the storm as it moves through early on Thursday morning. Note how the winds at around 1500 meters are upwards of 50 knots, which works out to be around 60 mph. Now, this is sustained winds, and with any rain or any sunshine around, this push in the atmosphere could bring even windier conditions for the area. So, wind gusts up to 70 mph are not out of the question for a long shot in parts of Scotland and Ireland, especially towards the coast. But, this does not mean there can;t be some very high gusts anywhere, especially in thye higher terrain more inland. Winds should start to die off on Thursday night, so Friday should be a much better day wind wise. After looking at things even closer on the image, you can also note the lines a few hundred kilometers off the Scottish coastline in the Northern Atlantic. Some of those winds are sustained at nearly 80 knots, which would make for some very, very strong winds. Not only will the winds be bad, but also the waves will be quite ferocious and the coastline could quickly get eaten up by the strong winds. So, again, I urge anyone around there to please keep an eye out for any warnings that are issued for the winds. They could gust up very quick and without warning.

The Met Office ha basically everyone out for these warnings, so keep an eye on them, as they could change anytime. This is nearly a 50 mb pressure change over the U.K., and with such a storn winding up, this is nothing to take lightly!

I will update later on Thursday with more on the winds and any reports of damage I get from them. If your power stays on in those areas, or you can even get to your computer and use a modem or whatever to get to the outside world, email me at with any questions at all. It's an off day, so I will try and get through all the emails I have.

Look global,
Forecast local(without getting blown away!)
Updated: 1/11/2007 11:10 PM


Susie said...

I just looked at your video and my goodness those are some fierce winds.
We've got freezing cold and they're predicting SNOW in the SF Bay Area foothills. That is quite weird in itself.
I know how worried you'll be for Daniel.
Surely they won't run the ferry if the winds are like that???
Keeping you in my prayers..

Sigruns German Garden said...

My oh my, I sit here and out is a storm! I hope, that it will not demage something.

Your painting above is very good!


HORIZON said...

Just called and ferries have been cancelled for the rest of the evening so my 'D' will be coming home tomorrow instead. Better.
Sigrun: l like her paintings too :) Hope it is not too windy in where you are. Keep safe.

Pretty Lady said...

Hoping everyone stays safe and healthy. I check your video, WOW!!!!!
Dear friend, I would like to have your email address and communicate for more friendship details, please. Here it is mine, cajita21atyahoodotcom. Thank you!

Lorraine said...

I will hold out good thoughts for you...having recently gone through a very big and devestating windstorm here, I know what you are up against. Lay in plenty of candles and lash yourselves to the mast!

Kerri said...

Goodness, those winds sounds scary! Winds like that give a feeling of helplessness, don't you think? I do hope all will be well and am so glad they cancelled the ferries so that Daniel won't be riding and you won't be worrying!
I like Lorraine's suggestion of lashing yourselves to the mast. I think that might appeal to wee Sam :)
I'm sure he enjoyed the comfort of snuggling between you two while the wind howled outside in the dark.
Thanks for braving the wind to give us a little sample. Sounds and looks ferocious!
Praying there will be no damage! hugs xox

Clare said...

I always get very scared by high winds - many years ago I was on the the top deck of a double-decker bus during the storms of 1987 and a tree smashed through the front - extremely frightening and very messy! The wind has eased here in Oxfordshire now - how about there?

CJ said...

Heey Horizon, Its been some ride! We had horrific winds! There was so much water blowing over the jetty, I thought the boats were going to sink but no real damage down here other than branches. Tomorrow we'll see how many trees went. Power was out for just over 2 hours and we've been without Internet until about an hour ago. Hope all's well with you and family? CJ

Cathy said...

I hope you made out ok and didn't blow away!
I think those winds came across the Atlantic from us: we had similar weather a few nights ago but not with winds that strong.

(I was also wondering if you might give my e-mail to your brother; he wanted some information about Nova Scotia).

HORIZON said...

PL: I'll send you my e-address, that would be nice. x

Lorraine: LOL- "lash yourselves to the mast!" - brilliant idea and saved my life! :)x

Kerri: You are really getting to know my family :) Sam did indeed enjoy being in with us and did again last night! l will have to call the ferry service today and see if they are up and running yet. Take care dear friend. x

Clare: Thanks for stopping by- l DO remember that storm of 1987- how could we forget that one although l did not go through anything like you did. Last night just before bed the wind eased a bit but then l am not sure when, started again early morn.- still blowing now! The scary thing is that we're starting to get used to it.

CJ: Is so nice to have a local blogger- share the weather-lol. Had candles at the ready but fortunately our power was not affected. Hope your were not too cold when the power went out. Glad your internet is back up and running too! :)

Cathy: Ah ha- l thought this might be your fault!! ;)
I will definatley send that email to my wee brother but if he buys those springy things for his feet l won't. kidding.
Bests my friend x

Thanks to you all for your concern- the winds are still strong but not as bad as last night. lol- just as l wrote that there was another whallop at the window! All good. ;)

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