Friday, January 05, 2007


New Years Day: Dinner with family - Mum bought the food and l did the cooking of the Roast Beef dinner with all the usual trimmings. I worry about my cooking sometimes though because so often, just when dinner is over, diners - especially teenage ones - are often afflicted with not feeling so good and need to lie down immediately. Curious for sure but some of you will also have encountered this I am sure.☺
2nd: 'D' left to go back to University, 'M' spent time with her Nan so the house was very quiet. Silence has its own music and quiet is a blessed symphony in a world polluted by noise.

3rd: To Glasgow today. The ferry crossing was very rough going over - walloping gales and boat at disturbing angle! The woman who does the pre-sailing safety announcment about life rafts and emergency abandon ship drill was worringly silent and nowhere to be seen. Biggest waves I have ever seen and I fully expected to see the crew huddled in the lifeboat singing 'Those in peril on the sea'! Dropped off food and clothes for son No.1. and went on to pick up my G, (husband) from Glasgow Central Station. He had spent New Year with his parents in Cornwall. They live in a small Cornish village where you can see the stars, hear the leaves whisper and a calling Robin is the loudest sound effect. The land of Kernow, King Arthur and the legendary Cornish Pasty - recipe and article about these soon. Husband home - I have missed him so much.
4th: Quiet day at home with G, catching up on the week and just enjoying being back together.!
5th: Shopping and planning for tomorrow - a BIG DAY OUT!!. It is 'S’s' 5th birthday this weekend! 'S' is the child of our second marriage - we both have older children too.He is the light in our morning, the cream in the coffee, the bacon in our bun and the laugh in the smile.


UKBob said...

I hope everything goes well with the birthday celebrations Horizon.

Hliza said...

Wonderful week isn't it? Happy Birthday Sam! Bet you'll be handful again with the celebrations!

Pamela said...

While, I am sure it was hard to see Daniel return to University. I am glad you enjoyed a bit of that precious silence. I can almost hear the symphony from here. lol

The ferry crossing to Glasgow sounded so dangerous. Glad you made it safely.

Happy 5th Birthday to Sam! That is a BIG deal turning 5 years old! I have enjoyed all the pictures you have shared of him and hope you will have some of his special day. :) A Mothers words of love never sounded sweeter!

palmtreefanatic said...

Happy Birthday Sam!
I have a 5 yr old and it is a fun age...exciting time! enjoy!

Susie said...

That ferry ride sounds a bit unsettling.
Hope you don't have to make that too often!
Happy Birthday to Sam! He is so adorable and I know he is the sun, moon and stars to you! I love his sweet smile..

PEA said...

Ummmm Horizon?? If I go help you're not going to cook for me are you??? LOL Oh don't you just hate it when people feel unwell after eating a meal you made? lol

Ugh, that ferry ride sounds a bit unsettling...I probably would have been in a panic mode all the way through it! So glad your hubby is back with you though:-)

Happy Birthday to dear, 5 years old...he's a big boy now:-) Please give him a bigggg hug for me!! Make sure you take pictures of the birthday boy blowing out his candles!! Much love xoxo

HORIZON said...

HIMSELF (husband fellow) wanders in and notices herself's bit about people feeling unwell aftre her dinner. Scratches head here because herself is the best cook in the west of Scotland ('cept me of course).
Ahhh! Bell of realisation rings sweetly!
Herself is noting one of the ploys and ruses of teenagers to avoid helping clear up after the repast.
Any thought or mention of the dreaded obscene phrase 'who's going to help with the dishes?' invokes screams and instant feelings of nausea. Teenagers writhe on the floor and squirm out of the room rapidly.
Anybody out there who has the sort of offspring that volunteer to do dishes or do so without the above symptoms please send large quantity of the drug used to this address.

Sigruns German Garden said...

Your post is lovely, the last words are gooing deep in my heart!


Kentucky Gal said...

the Cornish place sounds heavenly...esepcially after the boat ride...feeling a little seasick myself after your description which was very good btw!!
Sam looks older to me I would have thought he was six soon instead of he is between my grandchildren...Daniel is 6 and Avery is 4...hey lets match Avery and Sam up in the future, eh??

MissKris said...

And wasn't he just the sweetest wee little laddie just 5 years ago? Bet it seems like yesterday, too. Ah, dear girl...just wait 'til you hold your first grandbaby in your arms. With mine coming this year only a week before my Dad died...well, Dylan has been my rock, my Balm of Gilead in a wild, crazy year. Last nite he sang a solo with Grandma...not a word of English but sung with all of his little 9-month-old gusto, lol! Kids...grandkids...Life's sweetest blessings. May wee Sam be blessed with many, many more.

Alice said...

I hope Sam had a wonderful birthday.

I definitely would not have liked that ferry crossing - I like my horizons to stay still when I'm travelling.

Glad you and G. are safely back home together, and I wish you all a wonderful 2007.

Lorraine said...

Oh, happy birthday wee Sam!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday Sam. Enjoyed reading your post as I always do. Thanks for visiting.
My father was Cornish. My paternal grandfather and his family came to Australia during the gold mining days, my grandfather managed mines at Daylesford where I was born and raised in Vitoria.
My mother was Irish with a McDonald grandfather on her side of the family.Hence my love of all things Celtic I woould guess.
Cheers Margaret

Kerri said...

My my my, but your writing is beautiful! And so is that picture :)
I'm giggling at your poor sick teenagers. (and your wacky husband's comment) :)
That ferry sounds very scary. Glad you have your hubby back safe and sound. What a spot that little Cornish village must be. You're making me long for the UK! (my father came to Australia from England so I have some Engish blood you see).
Our Corey was 5 in November. It's a wonderful age...but aren't they all? (except maybe some of those teenage years :).
Happy birthday to your wee Sam..big hugs and kisses to him xoxox
Happy New Year to you and yours dear friend. May 2007 be filled with blessings of happiness and good health.

Pretty Lady said...

I am glad to learn that I am not the only with a second family. Thanks for sharing this with us! God bless your family and specially you my dear friend.

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