Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Matey!

Headed across the water on Saturday for 'S's birthday. G. and l had planned to take 'S' to Amazonia World just south of Glasgow which boasts an impressive display of crawly, slithery, twitchy and assorted multi-legged creatures ‘some of which can be handled under supervision’ we read in the brochure. Hmm- spiders. Personally anything with an excess of four legs is to be viewed with suspicion but the wee man has announced his ambition to be a BUG DOCTOR so off we go.

However on the ferry crossing we had a knock at the car window and it was 'S’s' wee friend from nursery with his Dad. They had planned a day out at Funworld which is a huge emporium of slides, ball pools, frames and industrial screaming and so we decided to join them. Bugs can wait. The boys were ecstatic with two hours of running madly around, up climbing frames down bumpy and twisty slides. ‘Groanups’ sit at tables sipping tea except for the odd few who revert to infancy and hurl themselves down the bum battering slidey thing. Yes – I did! We ate a healthy lunch of chips, chicken nuggets and chemicals and decided to take the boys to Showcase Cinemas. G. made me laugh when he told me this is a far cry from the old flea-pit picture houses of his youth when the screen had a rip in it and there was always the faint smell of urine (not his he added). Showcase Cinemas is 12 cinemas in one building all showing all the time and having lived in the USA for a while I am used to such. We opted for Cinema 3 showing ‘Night at the Museum’ which is about a night at a museum. Oh yes - and all the exhibits come alive. Anyway it was a good movie and we all enjoyed it and laughed a lot. After the film we took Sam shopping and let him pick some pirate toys. As well as aiming to be a BUG DOCTOR he is in serious training to be a professional PIRATE and no mistake me hearties. He has all the kit and can sing 15 Men on a dead man’s chest (Which as `G. said is probably why he’s dead!). Wanting to work with lowlife crawly creatures and being a professional robber sounds like he will do well in the future - maybe politics??
By the time we were back on the ferry we watched him fall asleep. There he is – five years old. It’s a tick of the clock we thought. They say that by five we have learned most of what we will be and know so we hope we have done ok by him. Time passes so quickly and every day needs to be cherished. Happy Birthday matey!


Pamela said...

Oh Horrizon, the pictures are incredible! You really captured some great shots! They all speak 1000 words!
Fun World sounds like a blast! Glad you gave the slide a try too! That must have meant oodles to Sam! I am so glad all went well and it looks like Sam fell into a peaceful sleep after his big day!
Had to laugh at your reference to Politians! lol

Happy 5th Birthday, once again to Sam!

Susie said...

If indeed he is what he is to be inside by five, you need not worry. He looks happy, well adjusted and secure in his love.
(and once again he's such a great fierce pirate!) Love his Jack Sparrow shirt!

The Mama said...

Well, those pictures make it look like he had a wonderful time. 5 is such a great age, I'm sure this next year will bring many great things!

Happy Birthday Sam!

Kentucky Gal said...

Fun, Fun Post!!
Happy Birthday Sam the Bug Doctor...arggg...Pirate!!
Hubby wants to see that movie!!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful wee matey.
I hope you are doing well, Horizon. xoxo

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Sam! Really great pictures too!!


Pretty Lady said...

I love the pictures specially the last one. He has a very cute sleepy face. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Sharon Kay said...

Oh what a busy day for a five year old. The pictures are so cute but the last picture says it all......He is now dreaming of the wonderful birthday and what he wants to be when he grows up. I am in Ohio so come by and visit soon......Hugs to you my friend.

Merle said...

Hi Horizon ~~ Great post with all the happy photos os Sam's 5th birthday. I am glad he had such a great day with his little friend and of course, Mum and Dad
Thanks for your visit. I usually type my posts into Word and then copy and paste to blogger, but lately I cannot do that. Typing directly into Blogger seems to work OK. Thank you for your sympathy, I was unable to go to the funeral as it is a long way from here, and my son couldn't make it. Never mind, Sandra will be at rest now, and other cousins were going to be there to support her sister, my main concern
Take care Sarah, Love, Merle.

Anonymous said...

Oh my that does look like a fun place. Such a cute little pirate he makes...I suppose Sam would want me to say scary! So glad he had a wonderful Birthday.

Hope you are doing well my friend.

Jeanette said...

Hi Horizon
Happy birthday sam
You have captured some lovely happy fun time photos to keep and show Sam as he gets older. Take Care (((hugs)))

Gwen said...

Hi Horizon..
A "HAPPY BITHDAY SAM". it sure looked as though the boys had heaps
of fun.
Fun world has plenty to keep them
running,and the final photo says
it all.

Lorraine said...

Piracy. Excellent career choice. Argh!

PEA said...

Oh no, I missed Sam's birthday!!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Sam..somewhat belatedly!!! Oh boy, I can see by the pictures how much fun he and his little friend had and how precious that last one is of him all tuckered out after such a fun filled day! A bug doctor and a pirate...I think those are two excellent career choices! hehe Hugs xoxo

Kerri said...

This is the most wonderful post and oh, what a birthday celebration! It sounds like so much fun. A bit of luck running into his little friend. I'm sure they loved celebrating together. The pictures are a real treat, with a blissfully worn out little pirate at the end. How sweet he is :) I LOVE the photo of you and Sam. It's such a beauty..and what a memory it will make! He looks like both his mum and dad.
I'm late with my wishes because Blogger was down when last I popped in.
P.S.Of course you tried out the slide!! :)

Margaret said...

What wonderful pictures, it looks like the little man had a wonderful time and is all birthday-ed out.
The storm report certainly did seem very serious. Hope there was no damage done. There have been some storms here in Queenslad that have caused some high wind damage on the coast. Not to the degree that Cyclones do, however bad enough for the people who were affected.
Loved your post on Sea Fever as well. Thanks for visiting. Cheers Margaret

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