Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Folly, family and fame

My hubby was away up to Oban today with his work colleagues for a meeting. Oban is a lovely town on the west coast of Scotland- it is from here that you can travel by ferry to the Island of Mull, where I am planning to take the family this summer for a holiday.
Dominating the Oban skyline is McCaig's Tower. It looks very much like a Roman Colosseum- known locally as ‘McCaig’s folly’ because it used up all of his money and was never completed. In architecture, a folly is an extravagant, frivolous or fanciful building, designed more for artistic expression than for practicality. In answer to Val, this tower is not named after the poet Norman MacCaig but instead after a banker named John Stuart McCaig. You can click on the links to learn more.
As a dominating seaside town, Oban came alive during the Victorian era- the tower was built towards it’s end 1897 -1900.

On another note, my son D has been very busy sitting exams to finish his first year at university. On the way home yesterday from one such exam he passed a very long queue outside a local music shop. They were all waiting to meet the band Travis- who were doing a special promotion. Knowing how much l like this band D joined the line- he was the very last one! He waited for an hour and a half to buy their new album and have it signed by the whole band for me. Oh..I do love that boy.


Lorraine said...

Oban stands out in this family because The Spouse is a fan of their single malt!

That boy of yours is a fine one, indeed!

CJ said...

That boy is a treasure...how lovely. Wonderful post along with the last two. I should comment on each... will try to tomorrow. I always learn so much from your interesting links! I'm getting most of my local knowledge from you ;)

Sharon Kay said...

I think you taught him well....a wonderful thing for a son to do......you lucky mom.

Susie said...

As I was reading this post your comment came in! Thanks for your sweet words and it warms my heart to know we were thinking of each other right at the same time.
Your D sounds like a wonderful young man and I know how proud you must be of him. His future shines brightly!!

Kerri said...

That is totally the sweetest thing for a son to do for his mum. You are well loved indeed!
I love reading your posts about the historical landmarks in your part of the world. I'm glad to know the structure is not wasted and now houses a garden.

Val said...

Ah, thank you for the lovely information. First time I went up to the folly, I slipped in some mud and had to walk around in muddy trousers all day (spare ones packed deep in rucksack back at the B+B)

I shall be passing through again in early July, en route to Iona via Mull. Also remembered for the fact that the Man of the House bought three pairs of shoes in one rainy day between ferries.

He was also enraptured over the shirts for sale at the Scottish shop, Edinburgh Woollen Mill. I had to break it to him gently that we had a branch in Dorchester, when it lost its exotic appeal.

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