Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday Witterings

For a slideshow on all our driveway work click HERE to visit THE RATTLE BAG.
For the next five days the forecast is set to improve- sunshine over the weekend so we can complete the job out front- wonderful!

Below is an old post from last April- wonder what my neighbours would think if l built one of these with the left over stone?! In truth l did think about Andy Goldsworthy when l was building the low dykes- he is well known also for his dry-stone wall enclosures. l love all of his design work- a true inspiration.

LaNd ArT
Andy Goldsworthy is an environmental sculptor ~ he uses natural surroundings to create art forms~ exploring and experimenting with various natural materials such as leaves, grasses, stones, snow etc. Check out his portfolio HERE.
He evokes a time before the flight to urban environments, when people were generally more connected to the natural world and attuned to its habits. Through Goldsworthy’s work, we experience the world he knows and the world that our ancestors knew.
Andy Goldsworthy reawakens us to the patterns and rhythms of natural settings~ born in England he now resides in Scotland.

"And that's what art's about, isn't it? ... It makes you see things in a different way than you would normally."
-- Andy Goldsworthy


Gwen said...

Hi Horizon.
Hope you had a great Easter.
Cant wait to see your driveway when it's
finished xx

CJ said...

What a brilliant conversion!!! It looks super and just like it has been there always. M and I are spending all day Saturday (at the very least) rigging up a temporary (year or two)herb garden and moving our mountain of rubbish so we can get our lawn (what lawn?) in shape ;) Enjoy the weather!

PEA said...

Hellooooo Horizon:-) I'm back from my trip and trying to play catch up with everyone! Figures you came back to blogging just as I was leaving! lol I've truly missed you a lot my friend! I've just looked at the slideshow and oh wow, what a difference in your front yard! It looks absolutely beautiful now!!! Oh and...Happy Blogiversary to you:-) I'm so glad we "met" through our blogs and I'm looking forward to manyyyy more posts!! xoxo

Kerri said...

I think Andy Goldsworthy has been over here and visited the city of Ithaca. We saw little piles of stones (natural scultures) lst year that he'd left in the stream beds of the numerous beautiful gorges of Ithaca. I may be remembering the name wrong, but that sounds like it. We were walking in a couple of the gorges and our daughter was telling us about him.
I think your neighbours might enjoy a natural landart sculture :)

Kerri said...

It seems I can't spell "sculpture" or "last". Fancy spelling the same word wrong not once, but twice! For shame! :)

Hillside Garden said...

Horizon, this sculptures are phantastic, wonderful! Please one for my garden.


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