Saturday, April 07, 2007

The "Thinking Blogger Award"

Early Bird kindly nominated me for a ‘Thinking blogger award’. I thank her very much and much appreciate her kind comments. Early Bird and l started blogging around the same time- a real blogging sister.

I now have to nominate five others. Please know that l wish l could nominate all the links on the side bar. In the spirit of fairness l have not picked my family or those who have already been nominated.

  • Kerri (Colors of the garden). l so enjoy visiting Kerri’s blog to see the beautiful colours of her garden, family and home. There is always something new to learn about and she voices from the heart.
  • Connie (Serious Mumbo Jumbo). Well Connie and l are in a way related-lol. Her wee lass Rosa Rita and my Randy are quite the item! Connie always makes me smile with her creative graphics and genius.
  • Kris (Kris's Korner of the World). A real soul sister who tells it like it is. Her posts are always so honest and we both are very similar people inside. I just wish we lived closer.
  • Kirsty (Witterings & Wanderings). Another Scottish quine online. Kirsty lives in America now and talks candidly about her life experiences there. Kirsty has a few blogs on the go- all worth a peek if you have time.
  • CJ (Sunshine and Shadow). CJ lives very close to me here in Scotland. I always enjoy seeing how she is getting on and what project she is up to. She and hubby are both creative and talented.
Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.
Charlotte Whitton (1896-1975)

This is a very busy weekend for us here. The weather has been outstanding and we got much done yesterday. Wish l had more time to visit you all at the moment but will ASAP!

Men at work- real action video HERE- lol


susan said...

It looks like your weekend is busier than ours has been. Lynny was poorly all day yesterday, so hubby was DIYing in the garden on his own.
Lynny is on the mend now, so I guess I ought to do something other than child sit and knit socks.

Kerri said...

I'm honored to be nominated by you Horizon and thanks so much for your kind words.
I would say just the same about you and your blog: I learn so much from you, and love to read about what's happening in your world. You write so beautifully, always straight from the heart, and brimming with love and humor. And your photos are the icing on the cake!
Ross and I were chuckling over your "Men at Work" picture :) But we're confused! We thought you were putting in a driveway, but are trying to figure out where it will open to the road. Will you take out part of the wall? Or are we totally mixed up? Sorry if this is a silly question!
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter dear friend! xoxo

Susie said...

Congratulations on your nomination!
Very well deserved. This was difficult trying to narrow it down to just five.
Have a Happy Easter!!

Sling said...

Happy congrats on the award horizon!..Well deserved. :)

"Early Bird" said...

So glad you got your award!
I loved the video...just like a window to your world!
Happy Easter!!

smileymamaT said...

I enjoy seeing the new nominations for the us all new "places" to visit! And congratulations on yours!

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Horizon,
Congratulations on your award for
‘Thinking blogger award’. I popped over and glanced to be surprised you picked me to be nominated...You are such a doll.
Thank you so much.

I am grateful to our two crazy birds for bringing our families just that more close...Who knows someday we might be knitting birdie bibs for a Randy

Sending you big hugs,

Cursed Tea said...

wow, thanks for nominating me... I'm humbled and honoured...
When I started blogging i thought no one in the world would want to read my witterings from my wanderings...

I have since found that the blogging community is an amazing thing - connecting the world and people in a way you could never normally do on the street. I always enjoy "popping in" to find out what is going on in your world horizon!!

The New Orleans blogging community is quite astounding (like the city) and is always feisty, never dull and often hilarious!!

Thank you Horizon!!
Best Wishes
ps Over Easter it was much warmer in Scotland than here in New Orleans - bizarre!!! (its back up to the mid80s now..)

ashley said...

KIrsty doesn't live in America -- she lives in New Orleans. Big difference.

Cursed Tea said...

Ashley lives in New Orleans too!!
The way between the worlds....

CJ said...

I am speechless...this is a real drawback for me 'cause I write how I speak lol :D My Blog heroine has nominated me??? Thank you so much, I am truly humbled. I hope you and the family had a glorious Easter!

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