Saturday, July 07, 2007


Last week our wee S (second from left in photo) had his Graduation. The nursery put on a special show for parents and we went to see S singing in different groups with his friends. It was wonderful and l have to admit that there were many mothers who shed a tear- me amongst them. Below is a clip from the show, it was taken by my camera so the lighting is not so good- gives you the idea though. Thankfully the nursery are giving out taped copies of the show.

S starts primary school mid. August and so l have been busy getting his school uniform together. Most schools in this country have their own school uniform, their own badge and colours. My hubby ‘G’ (ex-Headteacher) and l approve because it means there is no distinction between ‘have a lot' and ‘not’- all the children are equal and it gives them a group identity - something to be proud of. Maybe it is a hankering back to former more disciplined days when ‘do as you are told’ and ‘no’ meant what they said and children were blessed with having less material clutter to confuse what should be a simple and innocent growing up. In truth, we maybe had less choice when we were young but in a way, more freedom and certainly more security.
Here is an old Polaroid shot of my brother and l in our school blazers.

Here is a school photo of me and my wee brother and sister.

Here is another of my younger two sisters- aren't they sweet?

By the way my blog is rated G for General Audience- had better not mention that l am eating some whiskey marmalade on my toast this morn.-lol
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Glad to report that our shower is now up and running so this weekend we are going to redecorate the bathroom.


They drive me crazy…but l still love them.

Is growing up so difficult- what happens to us between being a child and a parent? The in-between years of discovering who you are. Living with teenagers/students is difficult. I didn’t realise how tranquil last year had become being down to just one. Is that terrible to say? Is there a time when your kids just outgrow the house- when they need their own space- perhaps so.
Having them both home again sounds nice (and is nice 90% of the time) but earlier l was listening to a serious rumble downstairs. M heading out to work and late, she needs to brush her teeth but D is in the bathroom- taking more time about it the more she makes a fuss. Quite normal goings on in this house although l am amazed my bathroom door is still holding together! Anyway you might think that you are prepared for these turbulent years but you’re not. I take my hat off to those parents out there who have been through it and survived- they know how hard it is and well, perhaps we’re almost there.

It’s late now, not completely dark but the street lamps are glowing. There is a soft mist on the river and the air has that ‘after rain’ smell. M is just in from work and D will be home shortly. I just feel drained and need some sleep.
Happy to report that l got much done today- washed the windows, dusted and did washings. My friend came over in the afternoon for a cup of tea and chat- good therapy.
Best of all hubby made me a really special meal tonight and we had a few minutes of treasured time together. I’ll tell you about it all later.
Hope you all are enjoying the weekend.
Cheerio and off to bed l go.


Connie said...

Hello my dear friend,
It seems forever since we have talked. Thanks for sharing your darling school pictures. You look so cute in your jacket. I went through 12 years of catholic school and we gave our all to a uniform of plaid (green and then on to burgundy). I still can't buy anything that resembles that pattern.

Hope you get some good rest.


T*mmy said...

I loved all the pictures you included in this post...isn't it good to reminisce?

Susie said...

Beautiful pictures you've shared. I loved hearing the little one's sweet voices singing.
I agree 100% about the uniforms. My grandsons wear them to Catholic school and it does create an equal playing field so to speak.
Your older two remind me of my two at that age, but this too shall pass. (and quicker than you can believe when you look back)

MissKris said...

My two will soon be 29 and 31 and still butt heads 99% of the time. But the other evening they were standing in the doorway of the kitchen giving each other "I dare you!" sizing-up looks...and then leaned into each other and gave one another the sweetest hug I've seen them share in YEARS!!! They might grouse about each other to me and their Dad, but if anyone outside of the family says ANYTHING derogatory about sister to brother or brother to sister, watch the hackles rise!! They have two of the most opposite personalities I've ever seen two siblings have...but they do love each other fiercely.

Carmen said...

LOL, I am borrowing your logo. It made me laugh your comment about the mermalade and the wiskey,LOL
You have such great sense of humor and great on transmiting it, too.

Sandy said...

How sweet to hear the little ones singing in the video and I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. I went to Catholic school so uniforms were part of our attire, but my three stairstep children did not, so clothes were very much a distraction at school and might I say very important to each and every child. I personally would have preferred that they all wore uniforms.

Children grow up so fast, so enjoy even the bickering while you still have them under-foot. Later when you look back it'll have seemed like a blink of an eye from the time they were babies all the way to them leaving the nest for good.

slap me happy said...

that blonde kid looks cute, don't know about the rest, just kiddin' lol

slap me happy said...

that comment was for the post above lol, can you tell I am sleep deprived, Noah very colicy for last few days.

Kerri said...

I love to see the faces of the little ones in their graduation pics and hear them singing. Our Corey graduated from kindergarten :)
Your mom and dad had a bunch of very very cute kids :) Love those old photos.
Growing up is Australia, I always wore a uniform, and never minded it at all. It individualizes each school, and yes, there's a sense of pride being part of a "group".
That's such a sweet photo of you with D and M.
Oh yes, they can be a real pain during those teen years, and I can understand the weariness :), but nevermind, this too shall pass.
I enjoyed the glowing street lamps, soft mist, and "after the rain smell" :)
How wonderful to have a man who cooks! Mine is a sweetheart, but not a cook :)

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