Thursday, July 05, 2007

Packaging experience

One thing l know as a Designer is that the way you package your product matters- finding the brands ‘visual voice’ pleasing, so to speak. My Apple Mac keyboard arrived today and as always with Apple Macintosh l was smiling as l unwrapped. Apple excel in customer satisfaction- a truly world class service; the box was delivered on time by courier, bespoke cushion packaging, beautifully sealed and just a joy to open. You may think this is a wee bit over the top for a regular delivery but Apple know that details are important and they put much thought into it- graphics, colour, texture and shape; user interface begins here!! The whole box was totally spot on- ‘the ultimate packaging experience!’.

~~ Your packaging must draw consumer attention and serves as critical point-of-sale advertising. Your package design also sets the tone of the product,
whether it is premium, quality choice or the more economical buy.~~

Anyway, it’s raining, it’s pouring but l’m back online and soaring!


T*mmy said...

I'm ever so glad you are back!!!
I loved looking out your window with you...but I have to say it did have me looking for my blanket and pillow...very soothing are raindrops!
How green your lawn is!!!
PS...this is Early Bird after a name change

Kerri said...

Marvelous! What an imaginative way to share your day with us :) Lovely sound of rain, and gorgeous gardens. Thank you!!
It rained on and off here yesterday on our Fourth of July picnic (BIL's birthday), and was chilly, but we enjoyed the day in spite of the wet. The rain is so welcome!! We had more this afternoon and the lawn is greening up again. Lovely!
I'm so glad you have a new keyboard. Kudos to Apple for their attention to detail :)
I love the way you appreciate the little things. It's just one of your endearing characteristics :)
Have a lovely Friday dear friend. xoxo

slap me happy said...

nearly crying here homesick and would love to do it all over again to come up and have a cuppa tea.

The Mama said...

I love the video of the rain. Your garden is just so lovely!!!

PEA said...

I'm so glad to see you received your new're so right, too, about the packaging! I always wonder about the product if it's been poorly packaged!! We've been having thunderstorms steadily for the last 2 just seems to be coming around and around again. There's been so much heavy rain, everything is really taking a beating. Hopefully the sun will find both of us soon:-) xoxo

Val said...

I really must find out how to include video clips! Hope the rain holds off soon - I shall be waving at you from the West Highland Line on Monday, on our way from Glasgow to Oban and on to Iona. Returning on Saturday! The fact that you wont be able to see, wont stop me!

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