Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Singing in the rain

A few months back, in May, wee S had a day trip to Benmore Gardens with his nursery group. My Mum and l decided to tag along and enjoy the day out along with them.
Benmore garden has 100's of different species of Rhododendron, a fantastic lined avenue of giant Redwood trees, beautiful pond with Koi carp, and so so many more varieties of plantings- truly a gardeners delight! Not to mention that you can buy different plants at their nursery on the way out!

Garden Highlights (quote borrowed from link to site above):
"In the wonderful woodland setting of the Eachaig Valley lies Benmore, a Garden steeped in history and surrounded by dramatic scenery. Benmore boasts a world-famous collection of magnificent conifers, flowering trees and shrubs. Its 150 acres feature some of the tallest trees in Britain, including a spectacular Avenue of Giant Redwoods – these majestic giants soar over 40 metres high!"

What a day it turned out to be as the heavens decided to open above us and we all got soaked through! However, all was not lost, as my wee Mum had come prepared with her Macintosh raincoat-lol. Even the children seemed to be unaffected by this torrential downpour and their enduring spirits remained high- it was wonderful to see.
Later the nursery teacher told me that wee S had offered another child his hat. This other wee boy had come with no hood on his jacket and as S had both he offered to share- l thought this was lovely and so did his Nanna.
Anyway here are some photos from that day ~ sadly the photographs do not do this place justice.

A song is also attached to this post for my dear Mum- the lyrics make me smile- hope you all enjoy too.
Mum has been in Germany with my youngest sister these past few weeks helping out with wee Charlie.
l have missed her heaps and am glad to say that l will be picking her up from the airport very soon.
Lets just hope it is a dry day- we have had so much rain lately.


Susie said...

Absolutely beautiful gardens! How sweet of S to share his hat in the rain. I've listened to all the words in that song. Great lyrics..
I know you'll be glad to be seeing your Mom again. Enjoy those times..

T*mmy said...

Absolutley beautiful!!!!
So lush!!

clairesgarden said...

your photographs are lovely, its a fabulous garden.

CJ said...

What a lovely place! We have been meaning to get over to visit the gardens but 'life' keeps getting in the way ;)Now we must go!
You have a treasure with S, (of course you know that) to be considerate enough to notice another's lack of hat and then offer a solution is amazing..what a sweet little person he must be.

PEA said...

Hello dear Horizon:-) I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures of that beautiful garden and listening to "Mother Dear" at the same time...love the words!! Children never seem to really notice the weather much when they're having fun, do they! lol I can well imagine how much you've been missing your mom but you'll soon have her near again:-) Oh and tell S I am SO proud of him for sharing his hat...you're raising him well my friend! xoxo

Carmen said...

It's so green and beautiful the designs. I don't (now older) mind the rain if I know I am going to enjoy, I am like a child still. LOL
And your picture all soak and wet is great!
Now, I read the post abour the frauds and scams...Stay safe and don't trust that easy and thank God you reacted to that situation. Please stay safe.

slap me happy said...

you have mums eyes sis (i hear you say only if she has filled in a dnars card) that is the first time i have noticed that so clearly in a photo,

Merle said...

Dear Sarah ~~ These photos are so beautiful - you have done well.
Benmore Gardens are delightful.
Looks like you had a great day in spite of the rain. Thanks for sharing these with us. Take care, Love, Merle

Kerri said...

Even in the rain the gardens look gorgeous, and your photos are wonderful! Sam has a heart of gold, like his mum :) I'll bet the little ones loved splashing about in the rain!
I hope your mum enjoyed Germany and is back safe and sound now.
We've just had 2 days of good rains, and this morning are welcoming the sunshine back. Cool temps and breezy. A little warmer would be nice. This is summer, after all!
Have a lovely weekend dear friend!

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