Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A dismal day - dreaming of sunshine

Well today's weather really is awful- rainy, windy and dull, humph... I'm still a little shaky on my pins so have decided to stay in for a few days anyway. The weather is supposed to improve towards the weekend so l'll try and get out and do a little gardening then– the garden's in desperate need of some TLC. With the early sunshine this year plus last months rainfall the plants AND weeds seem to have come on tenfold!! I'm not going to complain about the weather though because there are serious drought problems arising south of the border. On the news last night cattle farmers were struggling to find enough grass for their cattle/sheep and crop yields are being affected which will bump food prices up later - watch this space.

Last night l was awake for ages – just couldn't sleep. The house was so quiet except for the wind which blew fitfully against the windows. I sat in my wee craft room wrapped in my old cardigan with the fire on and busied myself making a birthday card for my father-in-law- Hubby is going to post it today. Ironically l used sunflowers as my theme on the card - perhaps subconsciously l was trying to let in a little sunshine.

Anyway, from my window here l can see the freight ships going up and down the river – the local ferries also seem unaffected by the wind gusts. Long ripples are forming across the surface of the Clyde – like finger rolls when you smooth the sheets on a bed. I'm enjoying watching the gulls soaring, hovering - it's almost a game for them- bowcurving wind currents. I'm envious. Life seems to be going on as usual even though it's all wet and grey...and l'm stuck indoors.

I've added the poem below by James C. Welsh. It just seems to fit.


Waves on a cold grey shore,

Sea birds on heavy wing,

Mists all the headlands o'er,

Grey thoughts the soft winds bring;

Far out, the white birds cry,

Sigh of the wave and wind,

Ships passing out, and l

Dreaming along behind.

Bleak, bleak, the shore and lea,

Soft stirs the yellow grass,

Grey sand and greyer sea

Change as the shadows pass;

Still out of all the pain,

Out of the misty sea,

Out from this threat of rain -

Shall break the sun to me.


Betty said...

Thank you for the sweet, complimentary comment about the trailer for a nonexistent grandchildren love making movies.

I emailed you but am not sure it left my laptop. It was something I wanted to share with you. Please let me know if you received it...


HORIZON said...

Nothing so far Betty-went to check there. I posted my email on your blog anyway. bests

clairesgarden said...

sorry to hear you have been so ill, it sounds awful.
it was indeed a horrible day here too, rain with enough of a breeze to blow it through your trousers...bleh.

Rob said...

Hi Horizon, I hope the weather picks up for you soon, you do right to stay wrapped warm in the mean time though.

PEA said...

Well, my goodness, Sarah, we can't leave you alone for one minute, you end up in the hospital! lol Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that your flu got that bad but I'm glad that they took good care of you at the hospital and that you're now feeling much better. Don't rush it, though, your body needs time to completely recover.

I do hope your weather improves soon, I know how depressing it is when it's so dark and dreary outside. We've had more sunshine than rain this Spring but it was very cold. Yesterday we finally got some serious heat and I thought I was going to melt but today it's cool again! lol Tomorrow they're saying sunny and 19c so that will be much more pleasant:-)

Do take good care of yourself, my friend. xoxo

Tea said...

So glad you are recovered from that horrible sickness Sarah! And thank you for your kinds words :)
I`m hoping to keep in contact much better with my blog friends from now on.


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