Friday, June 24, 2011

Rapturous Simplicity

Today l've been busy washing jeans, towels and bed linens because the weather conditions have been just perfect for hanging it all out to dry. Seeing my washing hung out on the line and capturing that moment as it all flaps happily away in the breeze, well it just fills me with an inner sense of accomplishment.

I sat outside for a while after l'd hung the first lot up, enjoying the fresh scent of the wash powder as the sheets danced and made snapping noises in the wind. I lay back on the bench and watched the birds sweeping the vaulted sky above while listening to the soft rustle of Birch leaves; to neighbours mowing their lawn and bumble bees busy among the sage flowers. A symphony of sound- of buzz and whir, of rustle and snap...the soundings and rhythms of life.

Simple pure ethereal calm - a moment to take pause and treasure.


Rob said...

Hi Horizon, Are you feeling better now? I'm pleased to read that the weather was good enough to allow you to sit outside and relax for a while.

HORIZON said...

Thanks Rob- well the head cold seems to have shifted- has gone to my chest now but feel like l've turned the corner ;) Have been stuck indoors for the past few days so was nice to get caught up with the washings and sit outside. Hope you have a nice weekend.

HLiza said...

Aaahh..I wish i can sit there with you on that bench! It's a joy only women can feel I guess..feeling the breeze, smelling freshly cut grass, watching the sun kissing the laundry dry..heaven on earth!

PEA said...

The simple pleasures are the best, aren't they! I love being able to hang my wash on the clothesline as well and the smell when they're dry is so wonderful. As I'm typing this, neighbours are mowing their lawns and I can hear the robins singing very much like you were hearing:-) After 5 days of rain, the sun finally came out late this afternoon and it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow as well so I'm quite looking forward to having sunshine again. xoxo

Merle said...

Dear Sarah ~~ Glad you had a warm and windy day to dry the washing for you and how good to sit outside for a little while. A few more nice days would help clear up your chest cold.
I love the sounds of birds singing too . There are magpies around here at present singing beautifully
Thanks for your comments - some just seem to disappear. I was so scared I would cry when I saw Peter's Bells Palsy face, so the "You don't look TOO bad" was good, and he said the same about me after what I had been through.
Glad you liked the photos and the poem about Granddad. Peter and I do have similar senses of humour.
Glad I brightened your day and then you went and brightened your 91 year old neighbour with your visit and cleaning up of his house.
You are a very kind lady and I am not at all surprised dear Sarah.
Much Love, Merle.

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