Monday, June 06, 2011

The Pendulum of Fate

"This way, that way - swinging with the rhythm of Time's tune - moving with the same unswerving motion, night and noon...Like the heart-beats of the house. With grim monotony - they tick away the measured moments of eternity.
There's a swinging pendulum at work in our affairs - for we swing from griefs to joys - from hopes into despairs... First a flash of happiness - and then a crushing blow.
Seems as if we're meant to keep on swinging to and fro..." Patience Strong

Today l journeyed across the water to go to the big hospital to see about what might have been a 'cancerous melanoma' which turned out NOT TO BE!! Hubby came with me and l cannot convey how relieved we both were when l got the all clear - like a huge weight being lifted. We went to have breakfast together straight after and although it was only at the local Tesco (supermarket) it may as well have been the Ritz because we just felt so happy.
I'm going to keep this post short tonight because l'm babysitting our wee granddaughter but wanted to share the good news.
bests all xx


Betty said...

How blessed you are! I am so happy for you, and all your family...

It is a time for celebration and thankfulness.


Just curious, what did you eat?

HORIZON said...

Betty, Last weeks stomach bug (gastroenteritis)- l have no idea what l could have eaten- the rest of the family seemed ok. Was told that quite a few people in town had it- l was just one of the unlucky few - could have picked it up outside, in the supermarket, who knows???.
As for the trip across yesterday to hospital- that was something else that l'd been worrying about- but NO MORE ! :) I'm just pleased to be on the upturn now.
Thanks for your kindness.
sarah x

clairesgarden said...

I so glad you got the all clear!! many blessings.

PEA said...

Having just gone through a skin cancer scare, I know exactly how you felt when you got the all clear:-) I'm thrilled for you...and for me...that all our worries were for naught!! xoxo

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