Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Today l woke up to another world- a world with very little sound. Unfortunately l've been stuffed up with a head cold these past few days and had hoped that by this morning it would have abated somewhat- but no. I feel like l have pillows covering my ears and l can hear a washing drum sound, most likely from the pulse of blood in my skull or blocked Eustachian tube – slosh and whoosh and whoosh and slosh. The only sound that l seem to pick up is from our wine fermentation bin behind me- the bubbles repeatedly coursing through the airlock and filling the room with a slight boozy smell - between that and the haze of cold medication it is a wonder that l can type!

On my last post l mentioned that l would post a movie – l had the most difficult time with Blogger on posting but FINALLY got there as you can see from the post below.

These past few months have been hectic for me and sadly the summer weather has been as elusive as ever at least for us up on the west coast of Scotland but nevertheless summer is upon us and it is a busy time. I am trying to savour the joy of this season and get out as often as l can so that these memories will see me though the shortening of days to come. Yesterday was the longest day of the year- sunrise around 4:30am and sunset after 10pm!

Wishing you all, love and peace this Midsummer Solstice.


MissKris said...

I do hope you get to feeling better soon! I had a head cold like that just before we moved and I didn't think I was EVER going to hear correctly again. But it gradually cleared up and I'm fine 'n' dandy now. And, blessedly, not suffering anywhere near as much with allergies like I did in Oregon. Every now and then if there's a fast barometric change before a big storm I'll get a sinus pressure headache...but not very often.

Merle said...

Dear Sarah ~~ I am so sorry you feel so bad with the cold and possible ear infection. See your doctor if you don't feel better soon. I believe it is your wedding anniversary, so I hope you can celebrate it when you are well again.Meanwhile congrats to you and your husband - well done.
I was interested to read about the Summer solstice, as we just had our winter one and the shortest day. It has been very cold here
so I don't venture outdoors too often. Get well soon my friend.
I loved your video of the garden and those two adorable kids.
Love and Hugs, Merle.
I loved your video

Betty said...

I'm sorry you're under the weather! Hope you are feeling better very soon.

In Georgia we have had most of June in high 90's and many triple digit days...and we are in a drought....


Rob said...

that sounds pretty nasty, I hope you are feeling a bit better soon,

PEA said...

Having just got over a horrible sinus and ear infection not that long ago, I do sympathize with you! I just hate that feeling when your ears are blocked and you feel like you have cotton wool in there. I had to be on antibiotics to finally be rid of it. Hopefully you'll start feeling much better soon!!!

Loved watching that precious video. Sam & Olwyn have SO much fun together, it's no wonder she just adores him:-) It was fun watching him run in the race as well. Summer is always much too short and miserable weather doesn't help at all! Today is our second day of rain and there's no end in sight until at least Sunday. I'm NOT impressed! lol

Take care of yourself, dear friend. xoxo

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