Monday, October 30, 2006

The Land of the First Scots

Thanks to you all for the lovely comments left regarding my Dad. I have passed the get-well wishes on, am pleased to say that he is feeling much better now and let you know that we had a super time visiting him. It was great seeing Daniel too and we made a visit to the supermarket to stock him up with enough food for the next fortnight. He looks well but assessments are in full swing as there are exams due before Christmas. We were relieved to catch the last ferry home that night at the end of a long day. Wee Sam and Mel are back at school today after the October holidays and it is Halloween tomorrow already so will be busy with nursery parties and ‘door to door’ in the evening- oh the joys! Will be making my way around to visit with you all ASAP. For now, my belated post on Kilmartin.
Bests and hugs to all my blogger friends!!

A while ago l went to Kilmartin. This is by Lochgilphead and is the site of significant importance in the ancient history of Scotland.
There is an amazing concentration of ancient monuments in this area – megalithic history. Within a six-mile radius of the Kilmartin village there are 350 ancient monuments, out of which 150 of them are prehistoric! Far too many to visit on one day but good news for me as we live close by and can visit again soon.

I spent time climbing Dunadd hill fort ~ the capital of the kingdom of Dalriada (Dal Riata). This iron age hill fort was where power, hard won, was ritually passed on to the next king ~ an important ceremonial centre. Ten thousand years ago the surrounding land was under the sea so this hill fort was far more prominent and important for trading. Standing alone on the summit I thought about this place where the ancient kings of Scotland had been crowned. l thought of the people who would have climbed the same path and of those who had lived and loved and died here. l wondered if the rock held memories of times past and battles won. I placed my foot in the hollowed out footprint near the summit ~ used during the inauguration ceremonies so long ago.

Alas, weather has scant respect for history and it poured with rain as you can see by the wet splodges on the camera lens ~ the pictures that l got do not do the place justice.

adj : of or relating to megaliths or the people who erected megaliths; "megalithic monuments like Stonehenge"


Sue said...

Good news that your Dad is doing well and you had a lovely visit! How fascinating to stand in the actual footsteps where history was made. I love the special slideshow you've done..

PEA said...

Dear Horizon, so glad to hear that your Dad is doing much better..I'm sure it helped him when he saw all of you:-) I so enjoyed learning about your time at have a country so full of history, it's amazing. I would love to be able to go visit because I've always been fascinated with your history!! The pictures are brilliant and what a thrill it must have been to place your foot where others put theirs centuries ago! Which program did you use for the slideshow? I've never seen it like that before! Wonderful!! Hugs xoxo

somershade said...

really cool place,Great photos.I love how you talked about the kings and the

Sharon Kay said...

I love all the pictures and thanks for sharing with us. Have a happy halloween and have fun with all the little ones out for a bounty of candy.......

Hawkeye The Noo said...

Well done your historical accuracy is top notch. I have talked with professional archivists on this subject who get lots wrong. you should now look into Kenneth MacAlpin and his connection to the MacGreggor clan who claim that their race is royal. A little challenge for you to find the connections: Dunadd, Kenneth and Rob Roy MacGreggor.

You are doing well my Padawan we will make a highland Jedi of you yet.

Tammy said...

Beautiful pictures, my dear Scottish Friend!!
Trick or Treat...I know I'm early but I'm Elvira, I do as I wish!!

Michael Manning said...

Dear Horizon: I wish you and your Dad the very best here too! I will drop below to get caught up. But I've linked your site. My very best!

Margaret said...

Firstly glad all is well with your dad and you had some quality family time together.
Fascinating to see all those wonderful pictures and for such a comprehensive and interesting read as well.Thank you for sharing. I also was very impressed with the slide show, would that I could!
Cheers Margaret

Pretty Lady said...

Glad to hear he is doing better and you are too. Thank you for teaching me about Scotland, I loved the slideshow. Wow!

Pamela said...

Trick-or-treat! Hey Horizon, I am so glad you dear Dad is better! This was so fun! Glad there are no monsters that lurk around your place, "witch" reminds me Happy Halloween! :)

Thanks so much for sharing all the beautiful pictures of Scotland. 35o ancient momuments, wow! Then when you mention 10,000 years ago it is mind boggling. You are so blessed to live where you live, it is all so fascinating! :)

slap me happy said...

miss that greeen green grass, our is nearly brown with the lack of rain

Kerri said...

Fascinating history indeed. The thought of visiting Scotland makes me sigh. Meanwhile this is a lovely way to see the wonderful sights.
I'd love to know how you did the slide show. Fabulous!
I can picture you there, standing in the historic footprint and dreaming of ancient peoples :) Even in the rain your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this history dear friend :)

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