Monday, October 23, 2006

Passwords, Panic & Pumpkins

Been a bit scarce for a few days!
Scared - in no small way. Somehow l accidentally activated the Master password prompt on starting up my Mac /Boot up. This had been set when l first configured the machine. Of course you always remember it – don’t you? Well don't you!
Every seeming combination of name and password failed with a sneering judder on the screen. How many ways can you type your own name and the two passwords ever only used? Answer – a heck of a lot.
After an hour of trying every permutation the panic sirens were on, turned to max. and the air was gaining a distinctly azure tinge. A little research on the net. added further bowel wrenching screams when the article promised that failure to succeed would end in total loss of all data, the end of the universe and life as we know it.
Aha! Enter hubby stage left who, with awesome Enigma solving skills (and pure chance) happens to hit the right combination. Roll of the drum, twitch of the curtain - lights, music – and I am back!

News update:
I had to go collect Daniel from university on Thursday. He was very ill (flu) and we were lucky to get an appointment with the doctor on short notice. So we all hunkered down for a long weekend. Sam and l are much better ~ thanks to all for the well wishes. Daniel is away back to university feeling better than he was ~ his antibiotics and steroids have kicked in now and he has eaten well over the weekend. On Saturday Daniel took us all out for lunch which was really nice and we had fun carving pumpkins with wee Sam. All in all it has been a quiet few days inside with the family.


Sue said...

I don't think I had a "master password" did I??? Now I'm wondering! That would be awful to lose!
So glad Daniel is on the mend! We got my Grandpa his flu shot. We'll get ours next week...

Cathy said...

Glad you're all well..forgetting a password can give heart failure; thank goodness you got it!

Thank you again for the wonderful parcel.

Tammy said...

Hope you wrote the password down and stashed it somewhere!!!
Dealing with blogger sometimes turns the air azure here...lmbo!!!
Glad Daniel is better and hope all stays well at your house for the rest of winter!!

Lorraine said...

Argghhh! Such a good thing when the Hubby comes through.

Glad everyone is on the mend. And that all Daniel's laundry is done.

Pretty Lady said...

I don't like passwords, I am great at forgetting about them. Always Jim comes and rescues me. Thank God for Husbands!

clairesgarden said...

marvellous thing the pc, when it works!
nice picture of 'student leaving' with all his laundry and your food!

holy chaos said...

love the picture!

slap me happy said...

glad it all worked out in the long run, thank goodness you have a computer wizz or two at home.

Grish said...

Glad it all worked out for you. See! Geeks are needed in the world...:P

Sling said...

I've been through the password nightmare before.Thumbs up to hubby for the save!
Nice to hear you all are feeling better :)

MissKris said...

We don't realize how dependent we are on our computers until something like this happens! I do a lot of my bill paying online and I'd hit a snafu just about every month because I couldn't remember what combo of names and passwords I used and I didn't want a list of them all in my desk where someone could find them. So I wrote them all down in code, as well as the company names by initials only. I understand the codes, recognize the company names, and can FINALLY keep everything straight, lol! Good grief, but this technology has made life complicated, hasn't it?

Kerri said...

Now if that password crisis hadn't happened you wouldn't have written that very discriptive and humorous little piece, and given me such a chuckle tonight. I needed a little levity after a long night of bookwork on the computer. Visiting my blogfriends is much more fun! Thank you :)
I'm so happy to hear that you are all well again and that Daniel has clean clothes and food to keep him going until next visit :)
A lovely photo of your sweet son!!!

The Hiking Gardener said...

The picture says it all for me. Pass words don't work for me. I either have to have the same one for everything, something that I can remember which I'm told is not a good thing but if I have a load of fancy things that stop others getting in it also stops me getting in cos I can never remember it. I'm afraid the potting shed is out of action for some reason - I don't know if anyone else can get in but I can't so I'm speaking from the hills today.

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