Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Valley of Ghosts"

Well today l'm off at the crack of dawn to visit Kilmartin. G. has work in Lochgilphead and so l will drop him off and head eight miles further north. My friend Claire has been there a few times lately herself and has put me in the mood for the visit.
I just hope it doesn't rain on me. 'Why does it always rain on me?' ~ l think that is a song. Oh my, put the kettle on Horizon- time to wake up!! This is an ungodly hour for me you know- yawn.
Cathy has got my Halloween package done already- ready for posting at the weekend- now l am in panic mode- hope to find what l am looking for up Kilmartin way- surely they don't call it the 'valley of the ghosts' for nothing!

Kilmartin Glen

I never saw the intricate connections
with quite this sunny clarity before,
such intimate revealing of relations
in brilliance, and at such an hour:
the West and Islands open to the sea
and Ireland, always seemed to be
alive with colour: bright blue waters,
emeralds and snow; but shapes and movement,
glacial striations, ox-bow lakes, tidal rivers,
hill-tops making patterns to each other--
all connect in vision as the art of men
and women finds its laws in natural
reciprocation; raindrops in a quiet pool
form expanding spirals on the bending plane:
an ancient brooch, the lanulae--
silver, gold: water, sunlight, eyes
to see the clearness of design. And this
takes place in mind, imagination:
across 10,000 years, while now
outside the car my father drives, the rain
drives down on grass and bracken, heather
rocks and hills and lochs and lochans,
midges and elusive little fish. The forestry
have camouflaged the earth's wet dark
antiquity; the road between Kilmartin
and the ferry just approaching Oban is
impatient, twisty, a hard fast exit through
this valley of old ghosts. And yet the vision stays
perception, the clarity of sunlight's
careful disposition, in
this undifferentiated time.

Alan Riach


Sorlil said...

As you know we love to visit Kilmartin - climb up Dunadd, trek across the fields past stone circles to the neolithic cairns - hope you have a good day for it!

UKBob said...

I used to like going to Lochgilphead and then over to Crinan, after a visit to Inveraray which I really liked a lot, I could sit all day there just looking out across the water. I remember it was years before we got to look around the prison there because we could never get my daughter past those two guards they have outside the door there. I will have to visit Kilmartin when I am round that way again because I don't seem to remember ever having been there, don't know why. Probably because by the time we had got as far as Crinan the time was getting on. I love your site it always brings back such wonderful memories - wish I was there now even if it is raining.

Kati said...

Well, you certainly are up earlier than I like! But never mind, the terrible weather is when one sees the best ghosts, isn't it? Ghosts and goblins are appearing on porches and front steps everywhere around here. I love crazy holidays like our Hallowe-en, although I shudder at the opportunity it is for the crassest marketing!

somershade said...

i'm sure you had a good time and happy birthday to ya this month.I'm having fun playing with my beta blog:)

PEA said...

I want to go with youuuuu!!! You have some of the most awesome places in your part of the world! Hope you had a great day and also hope you had luck finding Halloween stuff for your swap partner:-) I so love your posts, especially when you show us of all those interesting places around you! Hugs xoxo

Sue said...

Will you be taking the limo??
I'd love to ride along and see some of your beautiful countryside!
Have a great time!

Merle said...

Hello Horizon ~I hope you had a great day for your visit to Kilmartin, and that you manage to escape the valley of ghosts. This is fun? Loved seeing the limo again, thanks. That was very clever of you. Glad you enjoyed the Apron story etc and got a good laugh.
Take care, my friend, Love Merle.

zingtrial said...

Hi! Have fun my friend,And happy tour of the beautiful places.
thanks for sharing.
Wish you well

Grish said...


Jeanette said...

Hi horizon
Nice Verse Kilmartin Glen
love to be going with you take your camera and get plenty of photo's .

Pretty Lady said...

You are tagged!!! Please if you wish and if you have the time. Also, if you go in the limo, I would like to go, too.

Pamela said...

Lochgilphead and Kilmarten sounds devine, I just came over from Sue's and I had to tell you that I got the biggest kick out of the Limo pic! That is just the funniest! I know she loved it too!
Take Care, and thanks for the laugh! :)

UKBob said...

I'm pleased to hear you had a good time yesterday inspite of the rain, sometimes that just adds to the fun though doesn't it.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Hope it didn't rain and you found what you were looking for.

Kerri said...

How I'd love to go there with you! Sounds so romantic and pretty!

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