Monday, October 02, 2006

The Old Smiddy

Today l signed up for a craft workshop for my daughter and myself taking place next week. The teacher is not only an artist but also a trained zoologist and we will be learning to make fish/animal sculptures from recycled aluminium. They are also doing classes in ‘pointillist’ wall hangings, weaving and clay work. The photo of the fish is what we will be trying to achieve.
During this month our area holds a walking and art festival ~ lots of events in music, art, walking, film etc. I would love to go to one of the ceilidh or bothy nights but most of all l am looking forward to the venue at the Old Smiddy (Blacksmith's workshop- pre 1791).
G. is taking me there for a birthday night out. Talk about atmosphere and a reminder of times past! Imagine a small room lit by candles, a giant blazing forge, a stiff drink, a bite to eat and good traditional music. Can you hear everyone in the small space chatting and singing away? You couldn’t want for more!

Below is part of the brochure for this festival:

A different world on your doorstep…

Unwind to the memorable tang of sea and loch. Relax to the gentle underfoot crunch of sand and shell. Breathe contentment with the quiet scent of resin from stately pines. Tranquility laps around you. Thrill to the wondrous sights of soaring birds, inquisitive seals or delicate flowers while heather and moss put a spring in your step. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of hills and water. Feel invigorated, renewed. Experience the music, the songs, the words, the laughter. Moving images caught on film Talk about art in shop windows - like it question it, smile at it. Surprise yourself at a great new craft. Remember for long after the friendly welcome. Think how simple it is to return, wherever you stay, whatever the season.


Tammy said...

I wanna go to the ceilidh...I'm for the storytelling...I would just love that!!

HORIZON said...

Wouldn't it be great Tammy if we could have a bloggers bothy night? lol
I'm away out for the day- across the water with G.
He has to work and l will take Sam to the beach- a big sandy beach this time. Sam has told me that he will need a bucket and spade- the weather is pretty good today as well.
Will be thinking of you all. xx

Sigrun said...

Oh, an Ceilidh! I would also go to one. In one of my holidays I was on an Ceilidh on Skye with Mr. Wonderful.


PEA said...

Sounds like that workshop will be a lot of fun...make sure you take pictures of what you and your daughter make:-) That festival sounds like so much fun and how I would love to be able to attend...what a fun birthday outing it will be for you to go to the Old Smiddy!! Hugs xox

Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday outing!
Not sure when your birthday actually is,
but sending you lots of hugs and best wishes on your special day!!

somershade said...

Yours run circles around our festival. We have spoon bread festival.It's good but nothing compared to yours.Have a great time at the class with your daughter(too cool).I love doing things with my daughter like that.Me and my mom once took a belly danceing class together and we had fun, that I will never forget.
Beautiful ocean film.Oh and have fun on your night out.

The Mama said...

Oh, that looks wonderful and sounds wonderful!!

We got to spend time with my in-laws and looked through hundreds of pictures of Scotland. It is so beautiful! I'm planning a trip someday, just not sure when!

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